“Awaken, My Love!” by Childish Gambino

Janelle Guzman

Album: “Awaken, My Love!”

Artist: Childish Gambino

Record Label: Glassnote Records, RCA Records, Liberation Music, Universal Island Records

Recommended Tracks: 6- “Redbone”, 11- “Stand Tall”

American rapper Donald Glover, who refers to himself as Childish Gambino released his album “Awaken, My Love!” on December 2, 2016. In this album he explored something other than just rapping, which was an album with funk and R&B influences. “Awaken, My Love!” contains 11 tracks that individually express a different side to what Gambino’s music is typically about and usually portrays. Within the album, you will experience all of the different unique melodies which may include a grungy and even gospel feel.

In track 6, “Redbone”, has an interesting beat with an even more interesting message within the lyrics. The meaning of the word Redbone is a colloquial term that is used to refer to a Black person of a fair complexion, or a mixed- race person and specifically in this song he is speaking about a female. The interpretation of this song is how Gambino has this need towards a woman, which she is not giving to him and ultimately leaves him unsatisfied. The only way their relationship together will work out is if she “stays woke”.

In track 11, “Stand Tall”, which happens to be the concluding song in this album is sending a specific message. Since in earlier tracks with the titles of the songs being “Riot, Terrified, and Zombies”, the song “Standing Tall” is sending the message that no matter what you may encounter along your journey in life, to always “stand tall” and to not let things interfere with your goals. As the song itself says “keep all your dreams, keep standing tall, if you are strong you cannot fail, there is a voice inside us all, so smile when you can”.

As each song sends a unique individual message, they all seem to have a connection within the lyrics deeper meanings. With Childish Gambino straying away from the music he is typically used to making, considering his past albums, the album “Awaken, My Love!” was executed in a sense where he brought to the table a new perspective about the music he makes. If you are a fan of Childish Gambino’s previous music and would like to venture off into another side of music he has to offer, then I recommend that you listen to this album.

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