My name is Alexa Narez, I am a photographer/videographer for Kpoet radio. I am currently a sophomore majoring in Social Work. Although I am not studying I pour my heart and soul into art and music. I enjoy creating music of my own; I am self taught and play the guitar, uke, keyboard, and singing. My favorite thing about working at Kpoet is that it feels like home, and I can enjoy the work I do while creating things for others as well.

Hello! My name is Ashley Soto. I am part of the PR team at Kpoet, which means I make the event flyers and send out emails to the students. I am a second year here at Whittier College and I am an Engineering major. Im from Santa Fe Springs, CA which is about 15 minutes from the college. On my free time I like to cook/bake, draw, and take drives. My favorite part about Kpoet is definitely the people there, everyone makes such a good team and are very enjoyable to work with.

My name is Caitlyn Yamawaki, I am a senior majoring in Kinesiology, Pre-PT. I am from a suburb of the Bay Area, San Ramon. When I have down time, I like to crochet, paint things for my friends and family, bake, pet my cat, and eventually I want to start a vegetable garden (you know, as older women often do). But I also like to do karaoke with my brothers, and I like to think they keep me young.
As a member of KPOET, I work on the marketing team, making IG posts and Youtube videos, anything to do with social media. My favorite part of KPOET is being part of a very strong team who is passionate about the content we create. I also enjoy the exposure to the variety of music taste that each person brings to the table. It really broadens my horizons from musical theater and early 2000’s pop/R&B music. I promise I really am more youthful than I am making myself sound, and we are always putting new things out, so go check out our social media for some cool content!