amo by Bring Me The Horizon

Album: amo

Artist: Bring Me The Horizon

Record Label: RCA Records

Standout Tracks: Track 1: ”Medicine”, ” Track 12: “heavy metal”

Generally a rock band Bring Me The Horizon released their new album January 11th, 2019 but this album is just about every genre combined into one album and only barely touches on their rock and roll roots. BMTH is no longer a rock band, they have evolved into an electro-pop band, experimenting with too many forms. Each of the 13 tracks take a new form feeling as though 13 different people were asked to contribute to a playlist.

Bring Me The Horizon immediately kicks off the album with their new sound in the song “Medicine”. This song is an electro-pop song built for the radio. This song is catchy and could be a new heartbreak anthem. It is a song talking about some pretty important themes. The song states “Some people are a lot like clouds, you know/ Cause life’s so much brighter when they go” which is kind of cliche and surface level but some people are into that.

Track 12 blantlany address their new sound. In the song “heavy metal” they border the line of their rock past but only to prove the point that they are aware of their new sound. This song is mediocre at best, the lyrics are simple and the instrumentals are redundant and basic. This song is a standout song due to the lyrics which state, “Cause some kid on the ‘gram said he used to be a fan/ But this shit ain’t heavy metal”. BMTH is recognizing and fully aware of the fans that are upset about the abandonment of their past, but BMTH is unapologetic.

While entertaining, it is an album that is hard to listen from start to finish because one can not follow the complexity of the conglomeration of different genres. 15 years from their heavy metal beginnings the band is far from their roots, but as they touched on in track 12, they’re aware and they don’t care. In a way, it is admirable for a band to understand how a new sound may impact their fan base, but still make music that they want, but is this the music they want or BMTH conforming to upbeat, pop radio culture?

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