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thank you, next by Ariana Grande

Album: thank you, next

Artist: Ariana Grande

Record Label: Republic Records

Recommended Tracks: 2- “needy”, 5- “fake smile”

American, Pop singer Ariana Grande recently came out with her album “thank you, next” on February 8, 2018, with a total of 12 songs. With recent drama that has come up regarding her love life, I think that this album will reflect off of her past relationships such as her engagement she recently broke off after finding out about the death of her ex- boyfriend Mac Miller. As one of her songs called “thank you, next” in this album mentions the names of her ex- boyfriends, it foreshadows what the main inspiration of this album probably be about.

In track 2, “needy” this song is exactly what the title makes it out to be. Ariana Grande is basically talking about how in relationships she can be needy because “she knows how good it feels to be needed”. In this song she also says “sorry if I’m up and down a lot, sorry that I think I’m not enough, and sorry If I say sorry way too much”, which basically explains the ways in which she interprets herself to be needy in a relationship and how needy of a partner she can be because she needs and wants a lot of attention from her significant other.

In track 5, “fake smile”, the title also foreshadows what the song is going to be about. This tends to be something frequent throughout her songs in this album. Ariana Grande in this song talks about how she has been through way too much to always fake a smile, as she says in her song, “f**k a fake smile”. She also says,” If im hurt, I ain’t gon’ lie about it, arms crossed with the attitude, lips pouted, if I’m mad I ain’t gon’ lie about it” which says that if something is wrong with her emotionally, or just in general, that she is going to show it through her facial expressions and she is no longer going to pretend to be happy because in reality she may not be happy all the time.

Overall, this is one of Ariana Grande’s best albums. As I have not always been a big fan of her music, she has started to grow on me throughout the years. If you are personally going through a rough time emotionally or with your relationship and need empowerment, i would recommend you listen to this album because Ariana Grande gives off a powerful vibe. All in all, I would rate this album a 4 out of 5 as I really enjoyed listening to this album, although I don’t listen to Pop too often.  

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