Kat Garrison is currently Kpoet’s General Manager, and a 3rd majoring in Business Administration: Management, International Business, Accounting and Marketing. As a resident of Whittier, she knows her way around the Whittier area and is always eager to show people around. In addition to working for the radio station she also works as a business tutor for CAAS and is our Media Council Representative for AWSC Senate. While on campus a person can find her either in the spot or in the Kpoet station chatting with employees or friends. Her favorite part of Kpoet is the welcoming environment it produces for employees and room for growth it presents for employees.

My name is Rocio Gonzalez Melendez. I am a third year student pursuing a degree in Business Administration with a Minor in Organizational Leadership and a Concentration in Marketing. I was born and raised in the Bay Area and enjoy running, lifting, and boxing in my free time.My favorite part of working at KPOET is being able to collaborate with a team of students who display a strong work ethic who are also able to creatively brainstorm effective marketing campaigns.

Hi! I’m Tanner Sherlock, the tech manager at Kpoet, a third year student pursuing a WSP degree in Comparative Media Studies, and I wrote and designed the site that you’re browsing! I grew up in Arcadia, California, and in my free time I play video games, do a fair amount of reading, and practice playing the electric bass.My favorite part of Kpoet is the music, it’s why I joined in the first place!Getting to spread our love of music to the campus and explore other people’s taste in music are both wonderful perks to the job.

Hi! My name is Joseph Melendez and I’m the staff advisor for KPOET. I joined the Whittier community in 2001 and have worked in Housing & Residential Life. I’m originally from New York state but moved to California in 2011. I enjoy riding my motorcycle, playing video games, and watching movies with friends. My favorite part about KPOET are the amazing people that do incredible work for the organization in service of the Whittier College community.