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your life is a record by brandy clark

March 13, 2020

Album: Your Life Is A Record 

Artist: Brandy Clark 

Record Labels: Warner Records, Warner Bros. and State Creeks Records 

Recommended Tracks: 2- “Long Walk”, 9- “Who Broke Whose Heart”

Brandy Lynn Clark is an American country music singer-songwriter. Her songs have been recorded by Sheryl Crow, Miranda Lambert, The Band Perry, Reba McEntire, LeAnn Rimes, Billy Currington, Darius Rucker, and Kacey Musgraves. She was nominated for Best New Artist at the 2015 Grammy Awards. In 2011 Mama’s Broken Heart, written by Clark with Shane McAnally, Kacey Musgraves appeared on Miranda Lambert’s album Four the Record. It was released on January 14, 2013 as the fourth single reaching number two on both the Billboard Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay charts. As a co-writer of Miranda Lambert’s Mama’s Broken Heart, on September 10, 2013 Brandy received a nomination in the Song of the Year category for the 47th Annual CMA Awards broadcast, held in Nashville on November 6, 2013 She is also twice nominated for Song of the Year at the 4th Annual American Country Awards which will be held in Las Vegas on Dec 10, 2013. I am going to give this album a two out of five rating. I will explain why at the bottom. 

When first listening to Long Walk, I didn’t realize what it was actually about. I thought that Clark was going to be singing about her love life or life in general. It is the exact opposite of that. She is talking about someone she completely hates. She talks about them talking a long walk off a pier and taking a cinder block them as a souvenir. She hopes they fall completely to the bottom of the ocean. Clark also says that if she was Jesus, or someone calm like him, she would tolerate the person she hates. But she isn’t, she is “her mother’s daughter” so she wants her to take a deep breath and take a long walk off the pier. This song is actually pretty funny. Clark hates someone so much that she wants to see them fall off the face of the earth. 

Who Broke Whose Heart is a song about Clark breaking up with someone but not knowing why. Her whole song is full of questions: “Was it something I said? Was it something you did? Was I in a great big hurry to play house And you just wanted to stay a kid? Did you cheat on me? Did I check out on you? Was it really anybody’s fault at all? Or did it fall apart?” Half way through the song, Clark realizes that one didn’t break their heart over the other but that they both equally decided to break apart. This song is actually really sad. But with the up-beat pace of the music, you won’t feel sad when listening to it. 

 The reason why I gave this album a two out of five rating is because of all the other songs I didn’t review. I do like country a lot but fast country, not slow. This album is filled with very slow country songs. I do really like the two that I reviewed but not any of the other songs. So if you like slow country and are fan of Brandy Clark, then this album is perfect for you.

kid krow by conan gray

Album: Kid Krow

Artist: Conan Gray  

Genre: Indie pop, Bedroom Pop

Record label(s): Republic Records 

Recommended Tracks: Track 8- Affluenza Track 10- Heather 

Conan Gray is a 21 year old American singer, song writer, and social media personality. He was born on December 5th, 1998 in California and raised in Texas. His genre is usually pop and he plays the guitar a lot in his music and does a lot of vocals. Conan first started off as a social media personality by uploading videos to YouTube in 2013. His content were usually vlogs centered on his life in his small town in Texas. He demonstrated his music, art and videos on YouTube. Conan released his first debut single, “Idle Town”, himself in 2017. He got over 14 million streams in Spotify and 12 million views on YouTube. He has gone on to release singles and EPs. He released his first studio album in March 20th, 2020 called “Kid Krow”. Conan’s music is inspired by Adele, Lorde and other artists. This album is a “coming of age” type of record that is inspired by Conan’s life, rough childhood experiencing poverty, discrimination and abuse while growing up mixed race. I would rate this album a 5 stars out of 5 due to the theme the album, the messages behind the individual tracks, and the usage of amazing instrumentals throughout the tracks. 

The 8th track on the album is called “Affluenza” . This track deals with themes of money and how money doesn’t solve your issues. This song also reflects Conan’s life with financial issues and wanting money but realizing that money can not solve issues. The track begins with a slow bass beat with drums playing slowly in the back. The best slowly gets louder and faster as it reaches the chorus. A piano comes in with key words for the chorus. It slows down again for the second verse until the chorus again. The bridge is the best part of the track because all instruments are quiet but the piano and when it plays it is heavy and quick. The lyrics of the song are clever and refer to other songs. The use of the word “Affluenza” was clever since it was used as a mental issue thinking that wealth bought privilege and that there is no link between consequences and the rational mind. Also the rhythm of the song is amazing because it changes when the focus is on the rich people and their issues. 

The 10th track is called “Heather” is could be the saddest song on the album. This song is about having someone you love love someone else and hating that someone else Jaír because they have the attention of the on you love. The song starts out with a twinkling sound followed by a guitar solo which gives the song a sad essence. The song goes on with the guitar for the rest of the track. The lyrics also feel sad and heartbreaking. The bridge is a really emotional part since it has vocals that echo the main lyrics and it also has vocals shouting which give the song emotion. The lyrics show a sense of longing to be Heather just to be the one your lover loves. This song is really heartbreaking and emotional. Kid Krow is meant to be a diary of sorts that detail Conan’s life. Even though it’s meant to reflect his life, it also reflects the audiences life since many of his listeners have gone through issues similar to his in their lifetime. Conan shares a lot of his experiences from abuse to poverty. These issues resonate with a lot of people and this is a reason why this album is amazing. The instrumentals also played a role in making this album amazing. The use of the bass and piano were awesome and gave the tracks a really cool vibe. The use of guitar solos also gave some tracks that sense of innocence and more emotion. Overall, if you enjoy artists that follow an indie pop vibe then I recommend you listen to Girl in Red. If you also love music that deals with real life and personal issues, then I highly recommend you listen to Conan Gray’s album, Kid Krow.

Skuba Sada 2 by Sada Baby

Album: Skuba Sada 2 

Artist: Sada Baby 

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap 

Record label(s): Asylum Worldwide 

Recommended Tracks: Track 2- Slide & Track 9- Say Whoop 

Sada Baby is a hip-hop artist who was born in Detroit, Michigan but eventually moved and grew up in Washington, D.C. as well. Sada Baby also has another alias of being known as Skuba Steve. Sada Baby however is only 27 years old. His really big and viral hit occurred two years ago in 2018, “Bloxk Party”. It has over 33 million streams. If I were to rate this album I would give it a 8 out of 10 because it was just a really good decent album from Sada Baby. Unlike most other rappers now, Sada Baby stayed true to his sound and didn’t try to switch things up and let it all end up flopping. The album was very much expected and was provided as the perfect sequel to the first Skuba Sada. 

“Say Whoop” is the 9th song off of the album. In this song Sada Baby raps about living his street life from different things. Like hopping out, carrying a gun and dealing with females. He ends the song by saying that he’s just vibing and not even doing much. It’s kind of a slow paced song but a really solid one. 

“Slide” is the second track off of Skuba Sada 2. For a slow paced album, this track is really jumpy and high paced. It’s a good song to be bumping and dancing to, like something you will eventually see as trending online as a tik tok dance. It’s the grooviest song on the entire album and just makes you want to stay off of your feet. 

Skuba Sada 2 was a short, 11 tracks, but a good album coming from Sada Baby himself. It provides that slow paced type of hip-hop that most people from his area are known for. If you are a fan of Sada Baby I would recommend listening to Skuba Sada 2 and other artists like BandGang, Tee Grizzley and Dej Loaf. They all have the same kind of sound similar to Sada Baby with all of them coming from the say homestay of Detroit. Overall, Skuba Sada 2 is a good album and one to definitely listen to. 

Eternal atake by Lil uzi vert

Album: Eternal Atake 

Artist: Lil Uzi Vert 

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap 

Record label(s): Atlantic Recording Corp. 

Recommended Tracks: Track 7 – I’m Sorry & Track 16 – P2 

Lil Uzi Vert is a 25 year old hip-hop rap artist who grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His real name is Symere Woods and sometimes randomly and low key releases music under his legal alias. Lil Uzi Vert first gained recognition in 2015 from his first mixtape, “Luv Is Rage”. From this exciting mixtape, it led him to sign with DJ Drama and the Atlantic Recording Corporation. Over the years, Lil Uzi has produced numerous hit songs like, “XO Tour Life” & “Bad & Boujee”. He also his two platinum selling mixtapes as well known as, “Lil Uzi Vert vs. The World”(2016) & “Luv is Rage 2”(2017). If I were to rate this album I would give it a 9 out of 10 because it definitely met expectations and produced good music on the entire album all around. It took about 2 years for Lil Uzi Vert to drop Eternal Atake and was well worth the wait. It was very much like any other album he has dropped before and that is the reason why it has been so successful so far. 

“I’m Sorry” is the seventh song off of “Eternal Atake” and is my personal favorite. It brings back the nostalgic vibe of 2016 Lil Uzi Vert when this whole new wave of music and sound was introduced. This track also brings back a remembrance of a great time in hip-hop when Lil Uzi was at the top of the world and the hottest artist out. This track is great for playing at home and relaxing. 

“P2” is the sixteenth track on the album. It is my personal favorite. “P2” was released as a part two version of Lil Uzi Vert’s hit song, “XO Tour Life”. With the previous song reaching so much success it made more send for there to be a follow up. Lil Uzi has the track on the same beat where the original one took place and it begins where the first song ended. It will most likely be a track you like and has shown to be one of the most popular ones on the entire album. 

Eternal Atake was highly anticipated as an album and kept many fans waiting for a very long time. It took many glimpses and snippets until being released and a total of 2 years to even become finalized. It was really great to listen to and for sure one that will be constantly played. If you are a big time Lil Uzi Vert fan I would recommend listening to the album and other artists like Lil Baby, Lil Bean & Playboi Carti. Overall if you like hip-hop/rap or you yourself are a big fan of Lil Uzi Vert, I would recommend you listen to “Eternal Atake” and you will not be disappointed at all. It is an album with many many hits and will greatly be something you enjoy.

chilombo by jhene Aiko

Album: Chilombo 

Artist: Jhené Aiko 

Genre: R&B 

Record labels: Def Jam Recordings, Epic Records, The Island Def Jam Music Group, The 

Ultimate Group 

Recommend Tracks: Track 11- Tryna smoke, Track 11- Lightning and thunder 

Jhené Aiko is an American singer and songwriter, who made her debut by making appearances in B2K. Her album is titled Chilombo after her last name. Jhené Aiko is known to deliver smooth melodies and quotable lyrics. This album does not disappoint. I give this album a 5/5 because lyrically and vocally pleasant. The tracks I recommend “Tryna Smoke” and “Lightning and Thunder” show the full scope of the album. From one spectrum it’s the relaxation you get from using marijuana, and the calmness from a storm. The lyrics from “Lighting and Thunder”, “ Burning incense just to wish you well” shows Jhené’s positive spirit. I like all the songs on this album and I recommend everyone give it a listen. 

silver landings by mandy moore

Album: Silver Landings 

Artist: Mandy Moore  

Genre: Pop 

Record label(s): Verve Forecast 

Recommended Tracks: Track 1- I’d Rather Lose Track 3- Fifteen

Mandy Moore, born Amanda Leigh Moore, is an American singer, actress, and songwriter from New Hampshire. She first began to star in many local productions and performances at a young age. At the age of 13, Moore began to work on her music by herself. She was overheard by a FedEx delivery man who sent a copy of Moore’s unfinished demo to his friend who worked in A&R at Epic Records. Moore signed with Epic. Moore began to work on her debut album at the age of 14 and she even toured with the boy band, NSYNC. She debuted her single, “Candy”, on August 17, 1999. She then released her debut album, So Real, on December 7th, 1999. Moore released six more albums from then, including her most recent one, Silver Landings, on March 6th, 2020. This new album deals with themes of warmth and security after her separation. The instrumentals in this album give out a warm sound. I would rate this album a 5 out of 5 because of her lyrics and the traditional use of music and the sound the album has. 

The first track in the album is “I’d Rather Lose”. This song has a following a moral compass. The song starts off with an acoustic guitar and drums being played to a steady paste. When the vocals come in with soothing background vocals. The guitar and drums stay the same for pretty much the entirety of the track, but when it comes to the electric guitar solo after the bridge of the song. This solo was amazing and it felt so relaxing and the echoing electric guitar really made the song feel alive. Towards the end, the electric guitar is mixed in with the acoustic guitar and drums and they fade out towards the end. 

The third track is “Fifteen”, and this track deals with Moore’s personal journey. Discussing how she felt when she was younger making music and how all her experiences, good and bad, made her the woman she is today, and she is fine with that. The song starts off with an electric guitar and a bass playing softly and slowly with an echo, making you feel relaxed and calm. The lyrics really highlight her own personal life and makes the song hers and about her life, which is a good thing. She demonstrates reflection in this song and it helps make this song feel warm. The solo before the bridge is also really calming. The solo’s drums make the song feel heavy and deep. The end of the song feels like a really retrospective thought and gets you thinking about your own life and decision. This track was an amazing and beautiful one.Silver Landings is meant to be filled with the feeling of warmth and security without minding the crashes. Moore shares her personal feelings in this album but also shows signs of hope with makes the album feel hopeful and warm. The instrumentals really tied the album together. It also made everything feel real and personal. By using guitars, the album felt warm and as if the songs are full of emotion. Moore comes back to music with this personal album and it really breaks away from her young teenage pop self. Overall, if you enjoy music that makes you feel warm, and feels like you are listening to the artist themselves, then I highly recommend listening to Mandy Moore’s new album, Silver Landings.

my turn by lil baby

Album: My Turn 

Artist: Lil Baby 

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap 

Record label(s): Quality Control Music & Motown Records 

Recommended Tracks: Track 13 – Sum 2 Prove & Track 15 – Catch The Sun 

Lil Baby is a 25 year old hip-hop rap artist who grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. Being from Atlanta the southern type of hip-hop is relatively shown and contributes at a high lyrical speed and taste. Lil Baby was incarcerated for two years and shortly after his release, he with the help of fellow rapper Young Thug, released his first mixtape, “Perfect Timing”. This is what set everything off for Lil Baby and he began to gather attention really fast. Shortly after his second mixtape dropped with his famous hits, “My Dawg” & “Freestyle”. These songs really set him over the bar and Lil Baby made his name for himself. In 2018, he dropped a classic hit album with Gunna and has now become a high end name in music and one who will be around for a really long time. If I were to rate this album I would give it a 9 out of 10 because it is overall just so great all around. Lil Baby is in the prime of his career and what better way for him to run off with it than to drop “My Turn” in the beginning of 2020. Every song on here delivers and something people, even yourself might be slapping really often. 

“Sum 2 Prove” is the thirteenth song on “My Turn” and is possibly the best song on the entire album. The song starts off instantly on a really high paced beat and Lil Baby matches up his flow with it entirely. This makes the song super catchy. With it being the best song on the album it also the most inspirational with Lil Baby rapping about nothing but motivation, from things like “I might be second but I’ll never be last” & “Lately I’ve been in my bag”. 

“Catch The Sun” is the fifteenth track on the album. It is a really grooving and vibing type of song. It was actually featured in the movie, “Queen & Slim”. It still keeps that Lil Baby flow with bursts of high speed rap but overall it becomes really vibey and something that you can play in the car when you are by yourself. It will most likely end up being your favorite song to listen to while relaxing. 

My Turn was an exciting album from Lil Baby and most definitely met expectations if not exceeded them. Plenty of fans around has been wanting him to drop a project and more music for them to enjoy. This album did not disappoint and Lil Baby as most would say, went hard on this album. If you are a big time Lil Baby fan I would recommend listening to the album and other artists like Gunna, Moneybagg Yo & Lil Snupe. Overall if you like hip-hop/rap in general or Lil Baby, I would recommend you listen to “My Turn” for yourself because it is an absolute must and see what you think about it.

The main thing by real estate

Album: The Main Thing

Artist: Real Estate 

Genre: Alternative/Indie

Record label(s): Domino Recording Company

Recommended Tracks: Track 1- Paper Cup Track 10- Sting

Real Estate is an American Indie rock band that was formed in 2009 and the members are from Ridgewood, New Jersey. The current members consist of Martin Courtney IV, Alex Bleeker, Jackson Pollis, Matt Kallman, and Julian Lynch, and they are currently based in Brooklyn, New York. The band members knew each other from their childhood and from high school and played together, with past members, in small events when they were younger. After leaving for college, they would reunite and play together seriously as Rea Estate. The name was chaos rn because one of the members was stuffing for his real estate license while the band was getting started. Real Estate their first studio album in 2009 and then released four more after, including their most recent one, “The Main Thing”, released on February 28th, 2020. This album contains guitar, melodies, and a warm vibe that defines the sound of the band, but a bit bolder. I would rate this album a 5 out of 5 stars because of the way the band pushed through this album and made good music, despite all the issues they faced, like kicking out a founding member.

The second track on the album is called “Paper Cup”. This track has soothing music and vocals. The guitar in the song feels melancholy and calm. “Paper Cup” has started with some keyboards that sound amazing and continues on with the bass and guitar with drums mixed in. The vocals kick in and they sound calm, not shouting, but not whispering. The lead vocals blend in well with the instruments. This song has an amazing bass solo that makes the whole song feel relaxing. 

The 10th track is called “Sting” and is arguably the best in the album. This song is entirely instrumental and is extremely relaxing and soothing. It starts off with nice guitar paying and then drums start to kick in quietly. The rest of the song continues with this calming tune of the guitar and drums playing harmoniously. At the end of the song, this tune fades out and the drums are the only thing left playing in a quick tempo. This song feels exactly what the album feels like, relaxing, calming, soothing, and it makes you want to sit back and enjoy the music, 

“The Main Thing” is a comeback by Real Estate after an issue with a past member. Even though the band went through a rough patch, they still managed to release a great album. The album contains their own sound that they are known for. The music is calming and makes you feel melancholy. The guitar instrumentals were the best part of the album. Overall, if you enjoy soothing music and makes you feel warm, then I highly recommend you listen to Real Estate’s new album, “The Main Thing”.

color theory by soccer mommy

Album: Color Theory 

Artist: Soccer mommy 

Genre: Alternative/ Indie 

Record labels: Fat Possum Records, Loma Vista Recordings 

Recommend Tracks: Track 4: Night Swimming 

Sophie Allison is a singer from Nashville, Tennessee and goes by the stage name Soccer Mommy. Color Theory is Soccer mommy’s way of singing about a color without naming it. She used different instruments and vocals to portray different colors. You can tell the color shifts after the sound changes. Songs that sound alike are the same color. I rate this album a 4⁄5 because of its creativity but I don’t like how it sounds like one color. I feel as though there isn’t much variation between emotions so it all feels blue. 

Track 4 “Night Swimming” is my favorite on the album because it reminds me of Lana Del Ray’s song “Radio”. The background music is calming. The lyrics “ I’m dancing with the current in my clothes” makes you feel blue. You can sense the ocean.

changes by justin bieber

Album: Changes

Artist: Justin Bieber  

Record Labels: Def Jam Records, Island Records, RBMG Records, The Island Def Jam Music Group and School Boy Records 

Recommended Tracks: 4- “Intentions ft. Quavo”, 5-“Yummy”

Justin Drew Bieber was born on March 1, 1994. He is a Canadian singer, songwriter and actor. Bieber was discovered at 13 years old by talent manager Scooter Braun after he had watched his YouTube cover song videos. He was signed to RBMG Records in 2008. Bieber’s debut EP My World, released in late 2009. He became the first artist to have seven songs from a debut record chart on the Billboard Hot 100. Many people recognize Bieber by his hit song Baby ft Usher. At a very young age, he drew in large crowds from all around the world. Even today, Bieber’s life is streaming across the internet and all across magazines. I am going to give this album a three out of five rating. I will explain in the last paragh why. 

Intentions ft. Quavo is about Beiber talking about his significant other. He says that they are “picture perfect, you don’t need no filter. Gorgeous, make them drop dead, you are a killer. Shower you with all my attention. Yeah these are my only intentions”. This song is actually really cute. The lines above, he says multiple times throughout the song. Beiber shows his love, affection and appreciation to his significant other in this song. He also uses the lines “shout out to your mom and dad for makin’ you. Standin’ ovation, they did a great job raising you”. This song has a really mellow beat that one can vide with. Even when Quavo’s part comes in, he keeps it mellow like Bieber has. This song was executed nicely. 

Yummy is a song that is already well-known throughout the music company. It is one of the most played songs on the radio already. This song is also one of the most used songs on a very known app called Tik Tok. Yummy has a similar beat to Intentions ft. Quavo. It is very calm and mellow. Unlike Intentions ft. Quavo, Yummy is a song that I can see being played in a club. It definitely throws out club vibes. This song is also pretty basic with its use of lyrics. I learned the whole song by only hearing it twice. And I don’t really know the meaning of the song, it may just be me, but I missed it. 

The reason I gave this album a three out of five stars is because all of the songs have a similar beat to it. Not one song sounds out from the rest. In some people’s eyes, that might be a good thing because the album follows very well. But, if you are a person who likes a variety of music in one album (like me) then this album isn’t for you. Overall, the songs are good. If you are a Bieber fan or if you like mellow songs, this album is for you.