Year: First Year

Major: I am currently undeclared. I’m maybe planning to go into English, maybe Computer Science, maybe Whittier Scholars but who really knows

Show: I do different shows at KPOET. It kinda varies day to day. I try to stick to generally themes for my shift but I don’t really have a consistent theme other than ‘probably just playing some sort of rock music’. Fridays, however, I tend towards funk and funk-inspired music. I also do a radio show with Kris called ‘The Crypt’ where we talk about cryptids.

Favorite Type of Music:I love to listen to  Alt Rock, Hard Rock, Punk Rock, J-Rock, Grunge, Punk Pop, Funk, Disco, Synth, electronic, 70’s pop, 80’s pop, 90’s pop, Motown, Classic Rock (60’s-70’s Rock), Ska

Fun Fact: A fun fact about me is that  I play a lot of video games. Does that count as a fun fact? I was also valedictorian I guess.

Favorite Part of KPOET Radio:My favorite part of KPOET is the fact the people are awesome, I love getting to help out with posters and stuff, and playing music as a job is pretty fantastic; especially the part where I get some money after two weeks.






      Maria Flores is a 2nd year majoring in Math/Physics. She goes to concerts and the beach on the daily. Her music taste is very fluid but finds herself listening to bedroom pop and oldies the most.

          SKY HOUSTON



          Sky Houston is a first year at Whittier College. She is undeclared as of now but she is in the Whittier Scholars Program to create her own major that combines social work, music, and business. A fun fact about Sky is that she loves Jesus. Her musical tastes vary from old school R&B, funk, hip-hop, and gospel to alternative rock and metal.

              AKASHA BROWN



              Akasha is a first year in the Whittier Scholars program who is combining Environmental Policy and Performing Arts for her major. Akasha loves singing, acting, painting, and going to concerts. She’s been in around 25 different plays and musicals and has been to about 20 concerts. Her music taste is a combo of indie alternative rock, pop, and some hip hop and rock with a sprinkle of heavy metal. She loves finding new innovative artists to listen to such as Poppy.

                  ROGER CHEN



                  Roger Chen is a first year college student that is majoring in 3-2 Engineering- Physics. Fun fact about Roger is he enjoys playing Club Penguin and childhood video games. Roger enjoys the music genres Pop, Rap, Indie, and Hip Hop.

                      RYEN PALMEIRA



                      Ryen Palmeira-Madarang is a 1st year Political Science major with a love for reggae and R&B. He can lick his left elbow! Don’t ask him how though.

                          HAZEL SALAZAR



                          Hazel Salazar is a second year at with a WSP Film and Music Production major. She enjoys listening to music from all genres, but especially indie and pop. Her name might be Hazel, but her friends call her Hazelnut.

                              ANTHONY CASTILLO


                              Anthony Castillo is a third year student here and second year returning member to K-Poet radio. He’s currently majoring in WSP with a focus on screenwriting and anthropology. In his free time he enjoys visiting art museums and playing Smash Bros against his loser roommate. His music tastes include Alt-Rock, Glam Rock, and anything by Chicano Batman.