Pony by Rex Orange County

Artist: Rex Orange County

Album: Pony

Record Label: Sony Music Entertainment 

Recommended Tracks: Track 7 “Pluto Projector”, Track 10, “It’s Not The Same Anymore”

Indie-pop musician Rex Orange County has been a huge name in the indie-music scene after gaining a huge fan-base following his release of his song Loving Is Easy” in 2017. He continues to grow in popularity and has established his name in the music industry. Part of his appeal is how effortlessly he infuses elements of jazz, hip-hop, and bedroom pop into his sound. 

He released his new album Pony on October 25, 2019. The album consists of ten songs. Pony encapsulates Rex’s emotional vulnerability as he allows listeners to get a glimpse into his personal life and feelings from the past two years that he has been working on this new music. One of the most impressive aspects of the album is the utilization of more advanced and clean production. He branches out and uses more strings and orchestral pieces that create an intensifying sound. The songs that incorporate orchestral pieces feel very cinematic and are really impressive to listen to. Overall, this album is really strong and shows how much Rex Orange County has grown from the previous work he has put out. I rate the album a four-out-of-five. 

The first recommended track, “Pluto Projector” puts Rex’s voice at the forefront before a catchy electronic drum beat fades in. My favorite part of the song begins at the 3:10 mark, making a beautiful outro to the song as violins build-up to a crescendo. His voice in this song has a very relaxed tone and is paired nicely with the simple drum beat. The piano fades in and creates a dreamy haze, especially when it’s layered with his soft, echoing vocals. 

Track ten, “It’s Not The Same Anymore” is an introspective song where Rex sings about self-doubt, his declining mental state, and adjusting to his new-found fame. Sonically, it’s a pleasant song to listen to and at the 3:12 mark, it builds tension before softening up as Rex shifts to a more realizing tone of coming to terms with the changes in his life. The outro is a nice addition to the song as it includes horns before shifting back to vocals. “It got better…it’s not the same anymore…” are the lyrics that end the song and the entire album with an uplifting tone matched with violins that soar. It’s a very nice ending to Pony that leaves you with a sense of hope and triumph. 

Rex Orange County’s Pony is an extremely solid album that everyone should give a chance. Anyone who appreciates creative sound production and cohesive yet unique songs will enjoy this new album. 

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