Tanner Sherlock (DJ Managment)

DJ Name:DJ Sora

Year: First Year

Major: Undeclared


Major: I am currently undeclared. I’m maybe planning to go into English, maybe Computer Science, maybe Whittier Scholars but who really knows

Show:I do different shows at KPOET. It kinda varies day to day. I try to stick to generally themes for my shift but I don’t really have a consistent theme other than ‘probably just playing some sort of rock music’. Fridays, however, I tend towards funk and funk-inspired music. I also do a radio show with Kris called ‘The Crypt’ where we talk about cryptids.

Favorite Type of Music:I love to listen to  Alt Rock, Hard Rock, Punk Rock, J-Rock, Grunge, Punk Pop, Funk, Disco, Synth, electronic, 70’s pop, 80’s pop, 90’s pop, Motown, Classic Rock (60’s-70’s Rock), Ska

Fun Fact:A fun fact about me is that  I play a lot of video games. Does that count as a fun fact? I was also valedictorian I guess.

Favorite Part of KPOET Radio:My favorite part of KPOET is the fact the people are awesome, I love getting to help out with posters and stuff, and playing music as a job is pretty fantastic; especially the part where I get some money after two weeks.

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