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where the light is by surfaces

Album: Horizons 

Artist: Surfaces

Record Labels:  Surfaces, LLC/ TenThousand Projects, LLC, Surfaces Music/ TenThousand
Projects, LLC

Recommended Tracks: 1- “Rising”, 11- “Horizon”

Surfaces is a music group based out of Texas. The two members in the band are Forrest Frank and Colin Padalecki. After fully forming in 2017, surfaces released their first full-length album, Surf. The group has been praised for its genre-bending, feel-good music that has been compared to the likes of Sugar Ray and Rex Orange County. Following the major success of surf, surfaces returned in 2019 with their 2nd album, Where the Light Is, a summer soundtrack similar to it’s predecessor, with even more exciting production and refined songwriting. Horizons is the third album done by Surfaces. This band is mostly known as a pop artist genre. I will give this album a two out of five rating. I will explain at the bottom.

Rising is the first song that I have heard by Surfaces. It starts off with waves crashing. You can only hear the ocean. Then, it slowly picks up and adds some electro beats to it. I found this song interesting because it is only a minute and forty-two seconds but it gave me a total beach day picture with friends, chillin’ on the beach. It is a very calm song, one that you can definitely chill out and vibe to. I can definitely see this song in a beach movie with a bunch of friends gathered around the fire, having a great time. This song is my personal favorite out of the album. I do wish it was a little longer. 

Just like Rising, Horizons gave me the same beachy, surfer dude vibes. It does make sense though because the song is about swimming in the ocean and enjoying the waters. The singer talks about the ocean spinning him and taking him up high. My interpretation about the song may be different from yours, but I do think he is talking about the ocean and enjoying it. This song is also pretty calm. Unlike Rising, this song did not paint a picture in my head. I just followed the flow of the music but didn’t get a nice picture painted in my head. 

The reason why I gave this album a two out of five rating is because I thought that the singers’ voices were not the best. I loved the background music but not their voices. I really did love how each song had a beach vibe to it. So if you like calm, beach vibe songs then this is the perfect album for you. This album is one of the albums that you should add to your playlist when you are going to the beach. It will help add to that environment.

dreamland by coin

March 1, 2020

Album: Dreamland 

Artist: COIN

Record Labels: Columbia Records and Startime International 

Recommended Tracks: 4- “Crash My Car”, 9- “Nobody’s Baby”

Coin are an American indie pop band formed in 2012 in Nashville, Tennessee. It currently consists of Chase Lawrence (lead vocals, synthesizers), Ryan Winnen (drums), and Joe Memmel (lead guitar, backing vocals). The band originally released two EPs in 2012 and 2013: Saturdays and 1992 respectively. They subsequently gained mainstream attention in 2015 with the lead single Run from their self-titled debut album, which was produced by Jay Joyce and released later the same year by Columbia. The group gained further success in 2016 with the lead single Talk Too Much from the band’s second studio album, How Will You Know If You Never Try, which was released on April 21, 2017. The song was their first to chart on Billboard‘s Alternative Songs chart. I will give this album a three out of five rating.

“Walk in like a wrecking ball. The way she moves make you miserable. All eyes on the golden girl. She’s gonna tell you, gonna tell you, gonna tell you. That you’re too sweet. Swan dive to the concrete floor. The pavement never felt so warm. One look and you already know. She’s gonna cut you, gonna cut you, gonna cut you. Cut you real deep.” This song is actually really really sad and deep. It is about a guy falling for a girl and she totally plays him. She leads him on thinking that she’s into him but then cuts him off at the end of the night. He says “You can crash my car tonight. Go out wasting all my time and money. I love the way you’re breaking my heart. And I can’t stand to see you leaving lonely.” This song is sad but has a nice beat to it. It’ll make you sad by the lyrics but keep you entertained by the beat. 

“Wake up, lying face up. I’m feeling like I found myself. I’m feeling like there’s something missing. I wanna shape up. Tryin’ to shake it up, yeah. Maybe I’m just bored to tears. Or maybe it’s in plain sight hidden.” This song is about changing yourself and being Nobody’s Baby. However, the song’s meaning confused me. I couldn’t really tell if the inner feeling they are trying to fight or change is within themselves or with someone else. The song goes on to talk about someone not moving closer to them. Anyways, the song has a very nice beat to it. If you love COIN, you will definitely love this song.  

The reason why I gave this album a three out of five stars is because some of the songs bored me. I would listen to them and they weren’t really catching my attention. The two songs that I wrote about and reviewed, were the only two that caught my attention. However, I did like the beat of most other songs. Even though some did bore me, they still had a great rhythm to them and were nice to listen to. 

the allegory by Royce Da 5’9”

Album: The Allegory 

Artist: Royce Da 5’9” 

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap 

Record label(s): Entertainment One U.S. 

Recommended Tracks: Track 5 – I Play Forever(Feat. Grafh) & Track 3- I Don’t Age 

Royce Da 5’9” is a hip-hop rapper who comes from the city of Detroit, Michigan. Royce Da 5 ‘9” is 42 years old and his real name is Ryan Daniel Montgomery. His rap name comes from him owning a Rolls Royce chain as a youngster and accompanied with his height of 5 feet 9 inches. He is currently one half of the rap duo “Bad Meets Evil” along with fellow Detroit native rapper Eminem and one half of another rap duo “PRhyme” with DJ Premier. Royce has been a veteran in the hip-hop industry for many years and is very well recognized and accomplished with his beginning successes coming from ghostwriting for rappers like Diddy & Dr.Dre. If I were to rate this album I would give it a 6 out of 10 as it is a solid work of product coming from a person like Royce Da 5’ 9” himself. However, this album is an album being released from Royce at the end of his career and there aren’t many hits to expect from him to put out there as he had before. 

“I Play Forever (Feat. Grafh)” is the fifth song off of the album and is the best song on there. Royce Da 5’ 9” stays updated on this track and produces a song that is really appealing to your ears, just being able to sit down and listen to what he raps about. Grafh adds his own touch and helps hold up his end on the song. It’s a good one to listen to and one I would recommend listening to first if not only off of the album. 

“I Don’t Age” is the third track off of “The Allegory”. Royce Da 5’ 9” carries his old school beat on this track and brings on that classic lyricist flow. He voices on his track and the title of the song about how he doesn’t age. Casually, announcing that he isn’t done yet and hasn’t gone over that hill in his career as he still has a lot to prove and doesn’t plan on settling or washing up now. 

“The Allegory” was an album drop from Royce Da 5’ 9” to celebrate and show his distinction to still drop new music entering into the new decade as he is seeking towards the end of his career. If you are a Royce Da 5’ 9” fan, I would recommend listening to the album just to hear if you have nothing else to listen to. However there are other very similar artists that you should look into like Tee Grizzley, BandGang & Big Sean. Overall if you loved the sound of Detroit old school hip-hop, then the album, “The Allegory” is something you can hear for yourself. It doesn’t quite hit as other albums from Royce Da 5’ 9” before but it’s not a bad album to give a listen to either.

man alive! by king krule

Artist: King Krule 

Genre: Alternative/Indie

Record label(s): True Panther Sounds, Matador, XL

Recommended Tracks: Track 11- Theme of the Cross Track 12- Underclass

King Krule, his stage name, was born Archy Ivan Marshall on August 24th, 1994. King is an English singer, songwriter, producer, musician, and rapper. He started his career in 2010 under the name Zoo Kid. He then continued his career as King Krule in 2011 and released many EPs and his debut album in 2013 and has released four total albums including his most recent, “Man Alive!”, released on February 21st, 2020. His music is described as being derived from punk jazz, post-punk, and darkwave. His lyrics generally deal with sex, romance, depression, and conflict. King has concepts of his misery and this album is said to turn sweet songs sour. “Man Alive!” has sounds of “punch-drunk neo-noir” that was also in his previous album, “ The Ooz”. However, this album focuses more on shreds of light and results in a more impressionistic album he’s produced yet. I would rate this album a 5 out of 5. This album is a different taste for me but it was an interesting experience. The references in the album, along with the music, makes you reflect on a lot and the style of impressionism really makes you think if this album was rushed or was a lot of thought put into it. 

The 11th track on the album is “Theme of the Cross”, possibly one of Krule’s best works. This track contains different sounds and the way they interact is interesting and soothing at times. The use of a saxophone really makes this track gorgeous. The sounds echo in your ear and they almost sway back and forth, making you feel relaxed and calm. The lyrics contain amazing imagery of a dystopian world that the album continues to have in it. The track also references his relationship as a father and how he felt overwhelmed, but he will still protect his daughters. This track is amazing both in its production and in its lyrics, showing his inner struggle and his feelings with the listeners. 

The 12th track is “Underclass”. This is a really romantic song on the album. The lyrics in this album are contemplative and romantic. The song refers to King’s wife and how he felt when they met. This song also goes back to more Jazz and Rock he has done before. The saxophone is amazing in this track and it feels warm when you listen to it. The way he sings his lyrics really show the emotion he has when referring to his wife. He also explains the place where they met and the state of mind he was in and his struggle with intimacy and trust at the beginning. He has not fully placed trust in his wife and this song reflects it. 

“Man Alive!” is meant to be more impressionistic than his other albums and seem to illustrate his recent life events and feelings after becoming a father and shifting into parenthood rather than into his career, and he loves his parenthood. This album reflects his feelings about his family and his recent life, the music gives his album an interesting sound. “Man Alive!” is more focused on the light and hopeful side of life rather than an of a downfall. If you enjoy music that is interesting and really focuses on a brighter side to life and has music that is soothing, then I suggest you listen to King Krule’s new album, “Man Alive!”.

miss Anthropocene by grimes

Album: Miss Anthropocene 

Artist: Grimes 

Genre: Electropop 

Record labels: 4AD, Roc Nation, Arbutus Records, Lo Recordings 

Recommend Tracks: Track 3-Delete Forever , Track 8- You’ll miss me when I’m not around 

Claire Boucher, a Canadian pop artist, goes by the stage name Grimes. Grimes music is dark and thrilling. From the beats to the lyrics her music keeps you on edge like a good horror movie. Miss Anthropocene gives me science fiction vibes because of the changes in octaves of her voice as well as the background instruments. I rate this album 3⁄5 . I was not really a fan of the music because I didn’t understand what Grimes was trying to portray. 

Track 3, “Delete you forever”, was enjoyable because it’s guitar notes. I prefer her signing with those acoustics versus the metal and EDM. I also enjoyed the lyrics of the song especially, “ more lines on a mirror than a sonnet”. 

Track 8, “You’ll Miss Me When I’m Not Around”, starts off really intense, “I shot myself yesterday, got into heaven Anyway…”. The lyrics really draw you in, as well as the instrumentals. The instrumentals sounds like slowed electropop, which intensified the lyrics’ meaning. 

græ: Part 1 by moses sumney

Album: græ: Part 1

Artist: Moses Sumney

Genre(s): Electro-Soul / Baroque Pop / Singer-songwriter

Record Labels: Jagjaguwar

Recommended Tracks: Track 9 – Colouour and Track 12 – Polly

Moses Sumney is an act best described by the singer-songwriter denomination than any genre classification, as his sound his sound is as explorative as it is unique, and as is the central theme of græ: Part 1, Sumney avoids classification and definition whenever possible. Sumney spent the first 10 years of his life in San Bernardino, California, before he moved back to Accra, Ghana with his family. Sumney approached music initially without any instrumental ability, composing only a capella songs, and when he attended UCLA he majored in creative writing with a focus on poetry. Both of these elements of his approach to music are apparent in his intricate songwriting, which results in some absolutely stunning lyricism on this project and on previous projects. Sumney’s debut album Aromanticism is ethereal, nocturnal, and gorgeous. Sumney’s phantasmic falsetto is perfectly complemented by strings, deeply resounding drums, and haunting flourishes. On Aromanticism grapples with isolation, especially within romantic relationships, as well as general feelings of falseness, discontentment, and desire, however Sumney’s songwriting uses poetic language that can be interpreted within many a listener’s narrative in many different ways. On græ: Part 1, Sumney still feels like quite an isolated voice within his sparse and striking instrumentals, however through the interludes and songwriting it’s clear that Sumney’s main focus on this album is the power and validity of ambiguity and having a multiplicity of identities. I would give this album a 4/5, as I find the songwriting just bewitching, and while I enjoy the sonic palette of Aromanticism quite a bit more, I think the exploration and diversification in sound serves well to articulate a narrative about ambiguity and refusal to be defined without compromising too much musical enjoyability. 

My first standout track is “Colouour”, which opens with an almost Negro Swan-esque saxaphone arrangement backed by some wandering pianos and a backing deep synth. Sumney’s voice causes the horns to drop out leaving just him and the piano before the track expounds into a collage of various sounds under his singing, which sounds absolutely gorgeous on this track. The song, like many of Sumney’s tracks, is much more of a musical poem than a song, however the simplicity and brevity of the lyrics only serves to bolster their impact. This song incorporates the album’s themes of color in its lyrics, if that wasn’t obvious from the title, imploring the listener or whoever the song was intended for to wear some color. This color metaphor is not out of line with the typical paradigmatic implication of color as self expression, however the song precedes an interlude about multiplicity of self, which is one of the album’s main themes. Within this thematic context, I think multiple different metaphors could be being conveyed. Either color directly reflects this typical paradigm, or perhaps the line about Sumney “trying to change” whoever the song is intended for ought to be interpreted more sympathetically. Perhaps “græ” and colorlessness represents the inability to be defined despite societies perpetual demands of self-determination. These thematic throughlines might become more apparent in græ: Part 2, if that is indeed a thing. 

My second standout track was one of the singles preceding the album, “Polly”. The song has some of the most gorgeous lyrics on the album, which are given the chance to shine due to the song also being relatively simplistic, with a repetitive backing guitar and occasional additional vocals delivered by Sumney being the only embellishments to Sumney’s sung poetry. My personal favorite lyrical moment/stanza on this song is probably:

“I don’t wanna live here

Sometimes don’t wanna live at all

I want to be cotton candy

In the mouth of many a lover

Saccharine and slick technicolor

I’ll dissolve”

This encapsulates the lyrical beauty demonstrated across this record and across Sumney’s discography, which is surely one of the main draws to his work.

Overall, this album is definitely one that requires thematic digestion, as I’m still puzzling over lyrics, themes, and songs in order to construct a more complete statement to derive from this work. Hopefully græ: Part 2 or whatever else Sumney might have planned for this project isn’t too far on the horizon, since the confusing single rollout and title hinting at serialization leave me wondering how this album is going to fit into a larger multi-part work. If you like Moses Sumney, I would recommend you check out serpentwithfeet, Sufjan Stevens (especially his cover of “Don’t Bother Calling”), or James Tillman. I would recommend this project to anyone that likes poetry, minimalistic music, or that likes to engage with albums in the way one would a novel.

no future by eden

Album: no future 

Artist: EDEN  

Genre: Alternative/Indie 

Record label(s): MCMXCV LTD

Recommended Tracks: Track 6- love, death, distraction Track 19- untitled

EDEN, born as Jonathon Ng, is an Irish singer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and model. He was formerly known as The Eden Project until 2015. Ng started his music as The Eden Project with more electronic dance music, while his work as Eden saw him with more of an indie-pop style. Ng started The Eden Project in 2013 by independently releasing his tracks and reaching popularity through networks. He released his first EP and he then changed his style in 2015 and became known as EDEN. EDEN has released EP and studio albums since the change, including his most recent one, Np Future, in February 2020. This new album is in his Indie style, which is different from his older electronic dance style. If I were to rate this album, I would rate it a 5 out of 5 due to the sound of the album and the vocals. 

The sixth track on the album is “love, death, distraction”. This song opens with faint vocals in the background and leads into soothing guitar chords playing that continue throughout the track. EDEN’s vocals at the beginning are filled with emotion and feel welcoming. His falsetto makes the beginning even more gracious and heartwrenching. As the song goes on, more vocals come in to harmonize in the background, the vocals are subtle but still important. This song is calming and capturing, it ends with a few guitar notes and a silence that feels so melancholic. This song incorporates a message of the type of relationship people have with social media and how toxic it is. 

“Untitled” is the 19th track on the album. This song shows the ability that EDEN has to produce sad pieces of music. The song makes you feel heartbroken but hopeful inside. It makes you feel like you are being covered by a warm blanket on a cold night after having a sad day. The production is made up of guitar strings over the relaxing vocals. The song ends with a sample of children singing a Jamaican folk song. The sample really helps add more emotion to the song. “Untitled” is a sad song that makes you feel warm inside and it soothes you up in times of sadness. 

“No future” is an album in EDEN’s new style of Indie pop and different from his previous electronic dance style. The album has a more sad and depressing feel to it with messages that are greater than personal issues and more social-based. EDEN offers an emotional and tender style of music that is able to connect with his listeners more. EDEN’s vocals were so soothing and the guitar chords in the songs help the album feel more emotional and calming. If you enjoy indie pop and emotional music I’d recommend you listen to artists such as Billie Eilish, for the emotional music, and Girl in Red and Lana Del Rey, for the indie-pop music. Overall, if you like music that makes you sad and you need music to help you cope with sadness or music that is soothing and calming then I highly recommend you listen to “no future”, by EDEN.

Artist 2.0 by A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

Album: Artist 2.0 

Artist: A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie 

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap 

Record label(s): Atlantic Recording Corp. & Highbridge The Label 

Recommended Tracks: Track 3- Numbers(Ft. Roddy Ricch, Gunna & London on Da Track) and Track 8 – DTB 4 Life

A Boogie wit da Hoodie is a hip-hop rapper who originates from the neighborhood of Highbridge, New York. Real name, Artist Julius Dubose, or also known as just being “A Boogie”, recently only turned 24 years old. A Boogie first gained success and acknowledgement in the the rap game from his debut album, “Artist” in 2016. This album featured many hits like, “Jungle”, “D.T.B.”, & “Still Think About You”. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie created his own type of sound and made his own fan base from it as well. Often rapping about heartbreak, childhood adolescence in his hometown, and future success. “Artist 2.0” is the follow up album to the original album 4 years later and has much to live up to the hype. Back then, “Artist” was never really recognized when it dropped until further time later and I wouldn’t doubt to see it plan out and happen again like that. However most of the time follow up albums flake and don’t match the content of the first. If I were to rate this album I would give it a 8 out of 10 as it is a good album for a sequel. However, this album is a good album on its own and A Boogie brings the same type of heartbreak and pain and payback onto the album that you would expect. He also adds on some features with Roddy Ricch & Gunn, something wasn’t previously done and altered to the originality from the first. 

“Numbers (Ft. Roddy Ricch, Gunna, & London on Da Track)” is the third song on the album and is one of the best ones on the album. It has London on Da Track with the strong & very grooving beat that complements all artists within the song. A Boogie sets the tone with that east coast type of hip-hop and his own hint of wanting to progress on from old relationships. Roddy Ricch adds the west coast type of hip-hop and brings on flashy sounds. Gunna brings his slow pounding bar for bar rap style. All artists make use of auto-tune with their own little hint ultimately solidifying this track and setting it up for mere success. 

“DTB 4 Life” is the eight track off of “Artist 2.0”. This song is the next version of the original song “D.T.B” from the original album “Artist”. Much like the original version it doesn’t disappoint. I would recommend playing it in the car when you’re in your feelings or getting over a break up or whatever it is. It’s a song jay makes you not wanna look back and move on from the past. Basically, just a good song for you to pour your heart out into and release all your emotions inside. 

Artist 2.0, was a highly anticipated album from A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie fans and they’ve been waiting gradually for 4 years for it. It’s not like the first one in the way it sets the things off but it is one that makes a name for itself by itself. If you are a big A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie fan, I would recommend listening to the album and should begin venturing off onto other artists like artists like Lil Mosey, Roddy Ricch & NBA Youngboy. Overall if you loved the first album, “Artist”, then you will definitely enjoy this album. I would recommend you listen to “Artist 2.0” for yourself and pour your emotions out if you’re in feelings or getting over anything.

fuck the world by brent faiyaz

Album: Fuck The World

Artist: Brent Faiyaz

Genre: R&B

Record Labels: Lost KiDs

Recommended Tracks: Track 4 – Fuck The World (Summer in London) and Track 5- Let Me Know

Christopher Brent Woods, better known as Brent Faiyaz, is a 24 year old musician from the DMV who has piloted his fair share of suave buttery choruses. If you don’t recognize the name, you’ve likely heard his vocal stylings on the GoldLink song “Crew” which utilized Faiyaz on sticky hook that exudes braggadocio and confidence. The DMV players anthem hit 45 on the Billboard Hot 100, which is still GoldLink’s peak chart performance (as well as Faiyaz’s). Faiyaz has lent his guest vocals to choruses on quite a few rap tracks, much in the tradition of the up and coming R&B artist trying to draw on two genres shared audience. Namely, he was featured on a few of his late labelmate Juice WRLD’s songs across his first two projects. Fuck The World is Faiyaz’s second commercial album, his first being the heartfelt yet uncatchy and ultimately forgetable Sonder Son. On this album Faiyaz trends away from all-encompassing autobiography across various time periods of his life for a more simplistic examination of his current lifestyle of unsatisfactory excess, coping through drug use, and being what he calls an “empathic narcissist”. I would give this album a 2/5, as while think the narratives and themes that Faiyaz engages with are interesting and well developed within individual songs despite the album’s briefness, Faiyaz’s musical stylings just aren’t that engaging to me, and his commonplace subject matter and sound make him blend into the background of the multiplicity of similar R&B acts

My first standout track from this project is the (sort of) title track “Fuck The World (Summer in London)”. This track is an essential summation of many of the albums essential themes. Faiyaz says in the tracks first lines after an ever so original lighter clicks over faint sample intro, “(I wanna) fuck the world I’m a walking erection, spend without a thought we do it reckless”. Essentially, Faiyaz is quite promiscuous and is possessed by his gargantuan sexual appetite, therefore he is a walking erection. Secondly, he spends lavishly and without thought. These are both revealed throughout the album, Faiyaz’s discography, and some of the promotional/explicatory material around Faiyaz’s discography as coping mechanisms for the fundamental mistrust Faiyaz feels for those around him, Faiyaz’s aforementioned personality “flaws”, and Faiyaz’s struggle with mental health issues and suicidal thoughts. This is a narrative essential to modern rap, and yet I don’t think Faiyaz’s contributions are unwelcome. For one, Faiyaz makes it clear that his music is based on lived experiences and personal truths. He’s not parroting platitudes, he’s documenting his own genuine experience with these issues which are common rap fodder. However, while Faiyaz’s lyrical take is individual, compelling, and personal, his musical decisions might as well be algorithmic. Faiyaz has been penalized before in critical writing for lack of experimentation, and I don’t think that’s more apparent anywhere than this album. Faiyaz sounds like he’s trying to expand his personal lease on his niche of R&B, and he describes himself as genreless, however he doesn’t dare venture into any unfamiliar or even interesting instrumentation.

My second standout track directly follows my last on the tracklist. “Let Me Know” utilizes some cozy piano melodies, which really compliment Faiyaz’s often unnoteworthy vocals. The song questions how Faiyaz is expected to love someone when “They tell [him] he can’t love [himself]”. The song is an anthem of love being an all powerful force that can trump all the world’s injustices, which is a classic song concept however Faiyaz executes it simply and tastefully. The drums on this track are a perfect encapsulation of its smooth simplicity, as they follow a very simple pattern but are just crisp and groovy enough to drive the song.

If Faiyaz wants to preserve his longevity on subsequent projects, I hope he is able to find the same truthfulness and individuality in his musical voice that he has found in his actual one. Especially when Faiyaz is attempting to add to a narrative cannon that is so essential to the genres of rap and R&B, it’s difficult to approach him as more than a replication of an archetype or cliche when his production is indistinguishable from his contemporaries. If you like Brent Faiyaz, I would check out SiR, Leven Kali, or Berhana, who I’ve reviewed before. I’d definitely check out this album if you need a break from the hollowness of exorbitant spending and sexual escapades, or are a fan of The Weeknd or other similarly unapologetically narcissistic acts.

birds of prey soundtrack by various artists

Album: Birds of Prey: The Album 

Artist: Various Artists 

Genre: Movie Soundtrack 

Record label(s): Atlantic Recording Corporation & Warner Bros. Entertainment 

Recommended Tracks: Track 3 – Diamonds(Megan Thee Stallion & Normani) & Track 14 – I’m 

Gonna Love You Just A Little More(Summer Walker) 

Birds of Prey is a new movie that recently released and plays along DC character, Harley Quinn as she tries to find her own persona after her breakup with The Joker. Knowing this you will be able to get a feel of what kind of attitude to expect off of the album. Amongst the artists taking place on the album, all intentionally enough happen to be females, with really big names in music. Megan Thee Stallion went splendid with her track, “Diamonds”. Summer Walker carried her role on, “I’m Gonna Love You a Little More”. If I were to rate this album I would give it a 8 out of 10 because of just the way everything was delivered and how well it played a role in the film as well. The songs are great to listen to and you can play it during your daily car ride. As it is a soundtrack the album was able to create an identity of its own like Harley Quinn was able to as she is placed onto the album cover. 

“Diamonds” by Megan Thee Stallion & Normani is the third track off the album and is the most popular. Most people are playing it around giving it a listen before even realizing it was from the album itself. Megan Thee Stallion sets the tone and brings on her unique hip-hop vibes as she is currently one of the most popular artists on top right now. With her appearance on the track it almost instantly becomes a hit. Normani appears on the track as well and brings in her vocals to offset the high pace of the song. Adding that little hint of a touchy side to the song. This would be great to listen to while you are doing something productive. 

“I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little More” by Summer Walker is the fourteenth track on the album. It’s a really good vibing and something you can play in the car on your drive. Something that is quite expected as it by Summer Walker and she holds those soft vibes that fans love her for. With this song being towards the end of the album it matches up with the movie and concludes the whole idea of a women(Harley Quinn) finding herself as her own person. I would recommend listening to it and it will most likely become one you occasionally listen to. 

“Birds of Prey: The Album” was meant as a soundtrack counterpart to the movie. It seemed to be more than that as the headliner names on the album lived up to expectations and delivered on the many songs across the soundtrack. The album is currently ranked as #32 on Apple Music streaming service which is relatively high. If you saw the movie and enjoyed it then I would recommend listening to the album and experiencing the thrill again or if you’re just very into the whole idea of “girl power” on an entire album then this is the one for you. However, as that is the case for many I would recommend listening to the same artists on the album like Summer Walker, Doja Cat, Meg the Stallion, Halsey, & Saweetie. But are you interested in other artists like them, then there’s room for you to explore and listen to SZA & Jhene Aiko. Overall, if you entertain the whole all female lineup of music I would suggest you give, “Birds of Prey: The Album” a listen and it certainly wouldn’t disappoint you.