Author: Mykel Bertulano

Skuba Sada 2 by Sada Baby

Album: Skuba Sada 2 

Artist: Sada Baby 

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap 

Record label(s): Asylum Worldwide 

Recommended Tracks: Track 2- Slide & Track 9- Say Whoop 

Sada Baby is a hip-hop artist who was born in Detroit, Michigan but eventually moved and grew up in Washington, D.C. as well. Sada Baby also has another alias of being known as Skuba Steve. Sada Baby however is only 27 years old. His really big and viral hit occurred two years ago in 2018, “Bloxk Party”. It has over 33 million streams. If I were to rate this album I would give it a 8 out of 10 because it was just a really good decent album from Sada Baby. Unlike most other rappers now, Sada Baby stayed true to his sound and didn’t try to switch things up and let it all end up flopping. The album was very much expected and was provided as the perfect sequel to the first Skuba Sada. 

“Say Whoop” is the 9th song off of the album. In this song Sada Baby raps about living his street life from different things. Like hopping out, carrying a gun and dealing with females. He ends the song by saying that he’s just vibing and not even doing much. It’s kind of a slow paced song but a really solid one. 

“Slide” is the second track off of Skuba Sada 2. For a slow paced album, this track is really jumpy and high paced. It’s a good song to be bumping and dancing to, like something you will eventually see as trending online as a tik tok dance. It’s the grooviest song on the entire album and just makes you want to stay off of your feet. 

Skuba Sada 2 was a short, 11 tracks, but a good album coming from Sada Baby himself. It provides that slow paced type of hip-hop that most people from his area are known for. If you are a fan of Sada Baby I would recommend listening to Skuba Sada 2 and other artists like BandGang, Tee Grizzley and Dej Loaf. They all have the same kind of sound similar to Sada Baby with all of them coming from the say homestay of Detroit. Overall, Skuba Sada 2 is a good album and one to definitely listen to. 

Eternal atake by Lil uzi vert

Album: Eternal Atake 

Artist: Lil Uzi Vert 

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap 

Record label(s): Atlantic Recording Corp. 

Recommended Tracks: Track 7 – I’m Sorry & Track 16 – P2 

Lil Uzi Vert is a 25 year old hip-hop rap artist who grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His real name is Symere Woods and sometimes randomly and low key releases music under his legal alias. Lil Uzi Vert first gained recognition in 2015 from his first mixtape, “Luv Is Rage”. From this exciting mixtape, it led him to sign with DJ Drama and the Atlantic Recording Corporation. Over the years, Lil Uzi has produced numerous hit songs like, “XO Tour Life” & “Bad & Boujee”. He also his two platinum selling mixtapes as well known as, “Lil Uzi Vert vs. The World”(2016) & “Luv is Rage 2”(2017). If I were to rate this album I would give it a 9 out of 10 because it definitely met expectations and produced good music on the entire album all around. It took about 2 years for Lil Uzi Vert to drop Eternal Atake and was well worth the wait. It was very much like any other album he has dropped before and that is the reason why it has been so successful so far. 

“I’m Sorry” is the seventh song off of “Eternal Atake” and is my personal favorite. It brings back the nostalgic vibe of 2016 Lil Uzi Vert when this whole new wave of music and sound was introduced. This track also brings back a remembrance of a great time in hip-hop when Lil Uzi was at the top of the world and the hottest artist out. This track is great for playing at home and relaxing. 

“P2” is the sixteenth track on the album. It is my personal favorite. “P2” was released as a part two version of Lil Uzi Vert’s hit song, “XO Tour Life”. With the previous song reaching so much success it made more send for there to be a follow up. Lil Uzi has the track on the same beat where the original one took place and it begins where the first song ended. It will most likely be a track you like and has shown to be one of the most popular ones on the entire album. 

Eternal Atake was highly anticipated as an album and kept many fans waiting for a very long time. It took many glimpses and snippets until being released and a total of 2 years to even become finalized. It was really great to listen to and for sure one that will be constantly played. If you are a big time Lil Uzi Vert fan I would recommend listening to the album and other artists like Lil Baby, Lil Bean & Playboi Carti. Overall if you like hip-hop/rap or you yourself are a big fan of Lil Uzi Vert, I would recommend you listen to “Eternal Atake” and you will not be disappointed at all. It is an album with many many hits and will greatly be something you enjoy.

my turn by lil baby

Album: My Turn 

Artist: Lil Baby 

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap 

Record label(s): Quality Control Music & Motown Records 

Recommended Tracks: Track 13 – Sum 2 Prove & Track 15 – Catch The Sun 

Lil Baby is a 25 year old hip-hop rap artist who grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. Being from Atlanta the southern type of hip-hop is relatively shown and contributes at a high lyrical speed and taste. Lil Baby was incarcerated for two years and shortly after his release, he with the help of fellow rapper Young Thug, released his first mixtape, “Perfect Timing”. This is what set everything off for Lil Baby and he began to gather attention really fast. Shortly after his second mixtape dropped with his famous hits, “My Dawg” & “Freestyle”. These songs really set him over the bar and Lil Baby made his name for himself. In 2018, he dropped a classic hit album with Gunna and has now become a high end name in music and one who will be around for a really long time. If I were to rate this album I would give it a 9 out of 10 because it is overall just so great all around. Lil Baby is in the prime of his career and what better way for him to run off with it than to drop “My Turn” in the beginning of 2020. Every song on here delivers and something people, even yourself might be slapping really often. 

“Sum 2 Prove” is the thirteenth song on “My Turn” and is possibly the best song on the entire album. The song starts off instantly on a really high paced beat and Lil Baby matches up his flow with it entirely. This makes the song super catchy. With it being the best song on the album it also the most inspirational with Lil Baby rapping about nothing but motivation, from things like “I might be second but I’ll never be last” & “Lately I’ve been in my bag”. 

“Catch The Sun” is the fifteenth track on the album. It is a really grooving and vibing type of song. It was actually featured in the movie, “Queen & Slim”. It still keeps that Lil Baby flow with bursts of high speed rap but overall it becomes really vibey and something that you can play in the car when you are by yourself. It will most likely end up being your favorite song to listen to while relaxing. 

My Turn was an exciting album from Lil Baby and most definitely met expectations if not exceeded them. Plenty of fans around has been wanting him to drop a project and more music for them to enjoy. This album did not disappoint and Lil Baby as most would say, went hard on this album. If you are a big time Lil Baby fan I would recommend listening to the album and other artists like Gunna, Moneybagg Yo & Lil Snupe. Overall if you like hip-hop/rap in general or Lil Baby, I would recommend you listen to “My Turn” for yourself because it is an absolute must and see what you think about it.

the allegory by Royce Da 5’9”

Album: The Allegory 

Artist: Royce Da 5’9” 

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap 

Record label(s): Entertainment One U.S. 

Recommended Tracks: Track 5 – I Play Forever(Feat. Grafh) & Track 3- I Don’t Age 

Royce Da 5’9” is a hip-hop rapper who comes from the city of Detroit, Michigan. Royce Da 5 ‘9” is 42 years old and his real name is Ryan Daniel Montgomery. His rap name comes from him owning a Rolls Royce chain as a youngster and accompanied with his height of 5 feet 9 inches. He is currently one half of the rap duo “Bad Meets Evil” along with fellow Detroit native rapper Eminem and one half of another rap duo “PRhyme” with DJ Premier. Royce has been a veteran in the hip-hop industry for many years and is very well recognized and accomplished with his beginning successes coming from ghostwriting for rappers like Diddy & Dr.Dre. If I were to rate this album I would give it a 6 out of 10 as it is a solid work of product coming from a person like Royce Da 5’ 9” himself. However, this album is an album being released from Royce at the end of his career and there aren’t many hits to expect from him to put out there as he had before. 

“I Play Forever (Feat. Grafh)” is the fifth song off of the album and is the best song on there. Royce Da 5’ 9” stays updated on this track and produces a song that is really appealing to your ears, just being able to sit down and listen to what he raps about. Grafh adds his own touch and helps hold up his end on the song. It’s a good one to listen to and one I would recommend listening to first if not only off of the album. 

“I Don’t Age” is the third track off of “The Allegory”. Royce Da 5’ 9” carries his old school beat on this track and brings on that classic lyricist flow. He voices on his track and the title of the song about how he doesn’t age. Casually, announcing that he isn’t done yet and hasn’t gone over that hill in his career as he still has a lot to prove and doesn’t plan on settling or washing up now. 

“The Allegory” was an album drop from Royce Da 5’ 9” to celebrate and show his distinction to still drop new music entering into the new decade as he is seeking towards the end of his career. If you are a Royce Da 5’ 9” fan, I would recommend listening to the album just to hear if you have nothing else to listen to. However there are other very similar artists that you should look into like Tee Grizzley, BandGang & Big Sean. Overall if you loved the sound of Detroit old school hip-hop, then the album, “The Allegory” is something you can hear for yourself. It doesn’t quite hit as other albums from Royce Da 5’ 9” before but it’s not a bad album to give a listen to either.

Artist 2.0 by A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

Album: Artist 2.0 

Artist: A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie 

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap 

Record label(s): Atlantic Recording Corp. & Highbridge The Label 

Recommended Tracks: Track 3- Numbers(Ft. Roddy Ricch, Gunna & London on Da Track) and Track 8 – DTB 4 Life

A Boogie wit da Hoodie is a hip-hop rapper who originates from the neighborhood of Highbridge, New York. Real name, Artist Julius Dubose, or also known as just being “A Boogie”, recently only turned 24 years old. A Boogie first gained success and acknowledgement in the the rap game from his debut album, “Artist” in 2016. This album featured many hits like, “Jungle”, “D.T.B.”, & “Still Think About You”. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie created his own type of sound and made his own fan base from it as well. Often rapping about heartbreak, childhood adolescence in his hometown, and future success. “Artist 2.0” is the follow up album to the original album 4 years later and has much to live up to the hype. Back then, “Artist” was never really recognized when it dropped until further time later and I wouldn’t doubt to see it plan out and happen again like that. However most of the time follow up albums flake and don’t match the content of the first. If I were to rate this album I would give it a 8 out of 10 as it is a good album for a sequel. However, this album is a good album on its own and A Boogie brings the same type of heartbreak and pain and payback onto the album that you would expect. He also adds on some features with Roddy Ricch & Gunn, something wasn’t previously done and altered to the originality from the first. 

“Numbers (Ft. Roddy Ricch, Gunna, & London on Da Track)” is the third song on the album and is one of the best ones on the album. It has London on Da Track with the strong & very grooving beat that complements all artists within the song. A Boogie sets the tone with that east coast type of hip-hop and his own hint of wanting to progress on from old relationships. Roddy Ricch adds the west coast type of hip-hop and brings on flashy sounds. Gunna brings his slow pounding bar for bar rap style. All artists make use of auto-tune with their own little hint ultimately solidifying this track and setting it up for mere success. 

“DTB 4 Life” is the eight track off of “Artist 2.0”. This song is the next version of the original song “D.T.B” from the original album “Artist”. Much like the original version it doesn’t disappoint. I would recommend playing it in the car when you’re in your feelings or getting over a break up or whatever it is. It’s a song jay makes you not wanna look back and move on from the past. Basically, just a good song for you to pour your heart out into and release all your emotions inside. 

Artist 2.0, was a highly anticipated album from A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie fans and they’ve been waiting gradually for 4 years for it. It’s not like the first one in the way it sets the things off but it is one that makes a name for itself by itself. If you are a big A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie fan, I would recommend listening to the album and should begin venturing off onto other artists like artists like Lil Mosey, Roddy Ricch & NBA Youngboy. Overall if you loved the first album, “Artist”, then you will definitely enjoy this album. I would recommend you listen to “Artist 2.0” for yourself and pour your emotions out if you’re in feelings or getting over anything.

birds of prey soundtrack by various artists

Album: Birds of Prey: The Album 

Artist: Various Artists 

Genre: Movie Soundtrack 

Record label(s): Atlantic Recording Corporation & Warner Bros. Entertainment 

Recommended Tracks: Track 3 – Diamonds(Megan Thee Stallion & Normani) & Track 14 – I’m 

Gonna Love You Just A Little More(Summer Walker) 

Birds of Prey is a new movie that recently released and plays along DC character, Harley Quinn as she tries to find her own persona after her breakup with The Joker. Knowing this you will be able to get a feel of what kind of attitude to expect off of the album. Amongst the artists taking place on the album, all intentionally enough happen to be females, with really big names in music. Megan Thee Stallion went splendid with her track, “Diamonds”. Summer Walker carried her role on, “I’m Gonna Love You a Little More”. If I were to rate this album I would give it a 8 out of 10 because of just the way everything was delivered and how well it played a role in the film as well. The songs are great to listen to and you can play it during your daily car ride. As it is a soundtrack the album was able to create an identity of its own like Harley Quinn was able to as she is placed onto the album cover. 

“Diamonds” by Megan Thee Stallion & Normani is the third track off the album and is the most popular. Most people are playing it around giving it a listen before even realizing it was from the album itself. Megan Thee Stallion sets the tone and brings on her unique hip-hop vibes as she is currently one of the most popular artists on top right now. With her appearance on the track it almost instantly becomes a hit. Normani appears on the track as well and brings in her vocals to offset the high pace of the song. Adding that little hint of a touchy side to the song. This would be great to listen to while you are doing something productive. 

“I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little More” by Summer Walker is the fourteenth track on the album. It’s a really good vibing and something you can play in the car on your drive. Something that is quite expected as it by Summer Walker and she holds those soft vibes that fans love her for. With this song being towards the end of the album it matches up with the movie and concludes the whole idea of a women(Harley Quinn) finding herself as her own person. I would recommend listening to it and it will most likely become one you occasionally listen to. 

“Birds of Prey: The Album” was meant as a soundtrack counterpart to the movie. It seemed to be more than that as the headliner names on the album lived up to expectations and delivered on the many songs across the soundtrack. The album is currently ranked as #32 on Apple Music streaming service which is relatively high. If you saw the movie and enjoyed it then I would recommend listening to the album and experiencing the thrill again or if you’re just very into the whole idea of “girl power” on an entire album then this is the one for you. However, as that is the case for many I would recommend listening to the same artists on the album like Summer Walker, Doja Cat, Meg the Stallion, Halsey, & Saweetie. But are you interested in other artists like them, then there’s room for you to explore and listen to SZA & Jhene Aiko. Overall, if you entertain the whole all female lineup of music I would suggest you give, “Birds of Prey: The Album” a listen and it certainly wouldn’t disappoint you.

Funeral by lil WAYNE


Artist: Lil Wayne 

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap 

Record label(s): Young Money Records 

Recommended Tracks: Track 8-Bling James (Ft. Jay Rock) and Track 4 – I Do It (Ft. Big Sean & Lil Bibby) 

Lil Wayne is a hip-hop artist originating from New Orleans, Louisiana. As a 37 year old rapper in 2020, Lil Wayne is no stranger to the rap game. Often being associated with other high names acts like Drake & Nicki Minaj. Real name, Dwayne Michael Carter Jr, Wayne has made a name for himself from very popular songs like “Lollipop” & “How to Love”. Wayne first gathered attention off his popular mixtapes “Tha Carter” with five editions being currently out and released throughout his career. This album is a newly surprising drop being highly ant by Lil Wayne stans and lifelong fans themselves. The last time Lil Wayne released music was almost two years ago in 2018. In a way this album brings the standard Wayne delivery of classy bars coming at you pound after pound with a style of trying to fit in to the new sound in this current age. Not much like the 2000 type of hip-hop where Wayne served in his prime rocking the charts. If I were to rate this album I would give it a 7 out of 10 because of him always producing solid music and content. However, as this album is okay and fitting it it’s not necessarily something that people will remember from Lil Wayne’s career or something you’ll see on the top charts. Being a high-name rapper comes with high expectations to live up to. 

“Bling James (Ft. Jay Rock) ” is the eight song on the album and aside from the music it is the most heartfelt. With this song being featured as the 8th track on the album, the first 24 seconds of the track was silent with both numbers applauding to the tragic death of NBA superstar, Kobe Bryant. Referencing many luxurious things with co-feature Jay Rock, Lil Wayne has this track about glam and jewelry. Talking about his lifestyle and the drugs at hand with it. While also again making references to Kobe Bryant & the Lakers by discussing his yellow & purple drugs as well as being “Laker-geeked”. 

“I Do It (Ft. Big Sean & Lil Bibby)” is the fourth track off of “Funeral”. This song is the most nostalgic and is one you can really enjoy. It brings it the 2010’s Lil Wayne had and also with feature Big Sean, the years where they were popping the most. Lil Bibby also touches up on his verse and brings out a diverse sound. It’s a good one to listen to and you shouldn’t mind adding to your daily playlist. 

Funeral was an unexpected one from Lil Wayne and soon became highly anticipated to begin the new decade. However, it didn’t really live up to expectations and numerous people across platforms like twitter were hyping it up to be. It’s still Lil Wayne at the end of the day but it isn’t the same Lil Wayne album you are accustomed to listening to. If you are a big time Lil Wayne fan I would recommend listening to the album and should begin venturing off onto other artists like artists like Lil Tjay, Roddy Ricch & Lil Baby. Overall if you like the idea of hip-hop/rap mainly from the 2010s era artists or a big time Lil Wayne fan, I would recommend you listen to “Funeral” for yourself and see what you think about it.

Still Summer in the Projects

Album: Still Summer In The Projects 

Artist: 03 Greedo 

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap 

Record label(s): Alamo Records 

Recommended Tracks: Track 8- In The Morning Track 6- Gettin’ Ready & Track 4- Trap House (feat. Shoreline Mafia). 

03 Greedo is a rapper originally from South Central, Los Angeles. He grew up in one of the more known gang-violence filled sections, Watts. This is a place where it is filled with crime almost every time of the day. While growing up in Watts 03 hold his alliance and ties to Grape Street. He personally resided in the Jordan Downs Housing Projects, a place known to many in the streets of LA as being very active. Being 32 years old and on the rise, 03 Greedo was sentenced to 20 years in prison right when his career was starting to take off but it eligible for parole next year. Still Summer In The Projects was his first project to drop from him since his sentence. 03 Greedo has his own sound mixed with that LA hip-hop that everyone likes. He creates his type of vibes and uses auto tune to bring those soft melodies to realties. Still Summer In The Projects is my personal favorite album, as many others from the other area can say as well just for the way 03 carries his authenticity while singing and has that type of music you can play in the morning, at a function or while being with your significant other. I would personally give the album a 10/10 just for the way everything is present onto it. I myself can actually listen to the whole album through and be really satisfied from start to end. 

“In The Morning” is the eighth single off of the Still Summer In The Projects. It’s a great song all around and carries a really soft and touching vibe throughout the entire track. It’s the type of song that you would dedicate to a significant other. For me personally, it puts me in the best mood. A song where you can memorize all the lyrics and wouldn’t be disappointed. 03 stresses his affection for his partner and the lifestyle he goes through at the same time. 

“Gettin’ Ready” is the sixth song off the single and on this one he sings about how she plays this song while getting ready in the morning. Another song being dedicated to a female and how she is into him and how she flashes the highest designer like Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Christian Louboutin. He even refers to their relationship as being relationship goals to fans and others all around. 

“Trap House (feat. Shoreline Mafia)” is a statement song presented on the album and carries a lot of meaning behind it. What better way for rising LA rap group and rising LA rapper 03 Greedo to both collab and put themselves out there by coming together for a future classic track. Ohgeesy delivers the hard verse in the middle of the track, Rob Vicious in the beginning, and 03 Greedo to carry on the chorus. 

03 Greedo is a name to be heard amongst LA natives for a very long time and his mark is currently being set even while he is doing time behind bars. Supported by a heavily LA fanbase due to his very good music. His presence is being marked as you can see #FREE03 being plastered all over the city and from other artists and fans all over social media. If you like 03 Greedo I would recommend listening to artists like Shoreline Mafia, Bino Rideaux, Conradfrmdaaves & Azjah. Overall if you like the idea of a singing rap style about affection and love from a hood rapper himself then you should definitely check out 03 Greedo and his album, “Still Summer In The Projects”. 

Chixtape 5 by Tory Lane

Album: Chixtape 5
Artist: Tory Lanez
Genre: R&B
Record label(s): Mad Love & Interscope Records
Recommended Tracks: Track 3-Jerry Sprunger and Track 6-The Take

Tory Lanez is a R&B singer from Brampton, Canada. He is 27 years old and first started to gather musical attention and fame in 2016 from his single, “Say It”. So it’s safe to say that Tory Lanez has been known for his R&B touch and he continues that in, “Chixtape 5”. The album as a whole is just great to listen to. It gives you everything you would want and expect to hear, while also having many surprises as well. The biggest of the surprises was the remixes version of T Pain’s classic song, “I’m Sprung.” But aside from just that’s Track Tory carries over that early 2000’s type or R&B in this album. If I were to rate this album I would give it a 9 out of 10 because of the overall vibe and flow of the album. I find the entire album to be really vibey and relaxing with the features on the album being really fitting as well.

“Jerry Sprunger” is the third track off the album and seems to be everyone’s favorite. It is basically a remixed version of T Pain’s iconic single song “I’m Sprung”. With this being the first time ever that T Pain has ever remixed it. It has that really slow and loving vibe that can just set you in a good mood and Tory seems to be adding his own R&B touch to it himself, giving a little
mix up from the original song.

“The Take” is a song off the album that features another big time R&B artist, Chris Brown. Tory & Chris both collab on this track to give an all around great song and something exactly what you would expect from the two as they don’t happen to disappoint. Tory starts the song off with his own verse and let’s Chris Brown carry the song throughout with the chorus. This song is a great one to listen to and could be found as being really really relaxing.
Tory Lanez uses the 2000’s R&B throwback sort of flow to bring a sense of nostalgia to his album. He does this with the use of smooth beats and silky vocals. And this is also really appealing to the generation that grew up during the early 2000s. If you like Tory Lanez I would recommend listening to artists like Chris Brown, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Drake, Jacquees, & Bryson Tiller. Overall if you like the idea of an artist reflecting off of 2000s R&B you should definitely check out Tory Lanez and his newest album, “Chixtape 5”.

One of the Best Yet by Gang Starr

Album: One of the Best Yet

Artist: Gang Starr

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Record label(s): Gang Starr Enterprises

Recommended Tracks: Track 8 – Family & Loyalty (ft. J. Cole) Track 16- Bless the Mic

 Gang Starr was a hip-hop/rap duo originating from Boston. Gang Starr consists of two members, MC Guru & DJ Premier. However the late MC Guru passed away at the age of 48 in 2010. The group is now being continued on single handedly by DJ Premier. Gang Starr had their peak of fame and popular mostly from 1989 to 2003. Their most popular songs at the time were, “Mass Appeal” & “Above the Clouds”. This is the first album dropped from Gang Starr since the death of one of their members. They’re known as one of the best producer & MC duos in rap history. I would give this album a 7/10 because I really liked the old school instrumentals but felt like less features and different flows would’ve really made it stand out even more. 

    “Family and Loyalty” is the eight track off of “One of the Best Yet”. It is also one of the best tracks on the entire album. It brings in that old school hip-hop vibe with DJ Premier’s MC’ing voice in the background, giving you a real 90’s type of vibe. Also, with the album being Gang Starr’s first album in a while it add that spice of new school music with the touch of J Cole onto the track. If you’re more of a person with that old school and new school music then you’ll definitely love this song. 

   “Bless the Mic” is the last song on the album and acknowledges a real shift in hip-hop in music as some would call, “back in the day” to the way it is now. It’s a good track for an iconic person in the rap industry to actually show how they’re acknowledging things in the industry isn’t the same as before but how they’re willing to adjust to it. With this track adjustment is made by throwing in little hints of the beat to appeal to a younger audience than they’re old fans as back in the day. 

   Gang Starr uses this album to voice that they haven’t fully gone away even if it’s only one of them left. For the most part the album held a collective of more old school hip-hop/rap instrumentals compared to the sound you hear more today. And that’s totally fine as a lot of younger adults in our generation also prefer older music than the music nowadays. If you like listening to old school and like the new sounds I would recommend this album for you. Also, other artist I would recommend would be a Bone, Thugs N Harmony, Nas, and Fabolous. They also carry that really nice old school musical vibe.