Author: Edward Zarate

kid krow by conan gray

Album: Kid Krow

Artist: Conan Gray  

Genre: Indie pop, Bedroom Pop

Record label(s): Republic Records 

Recommended Tracks: Track 8- Affluenza Track 10- Heather 

Conan Gray is a 21 year old American singer, song writer, and social media personality. He was born on December 5th, 1998 in California and raised in Texas. His genre is usually pop and he plays the guitar a lot in his music and does a lot of vocals. Conan first started off as a social media personality by uploading videos to YouTube in 2013. His content were usually vlogs centered on his life in his small town in Texas. He demonstrated his music, art and videos on YouTube. Conan released his first debut single, “Idle Town”, himself in 2017. He got over 14 million streams in Spotify and 12 million views on YouTube. He has gone on to release singles and EPs. He released his first studio album in March 20th, 2020 called “Kid Krow”. Conan’s music is inspired by Adele, Lorde and other artists. This album is a “coming of age” type of record that is inspired by Conan’s life, rough childhood experiencing poverty, discrimination and abuse while growing up mixed race. I would rate this album a 5 stars out of 5 due to the theme the album, the messages behind the individual tracks, and the usage of amazing instrumentals throughout the tracks. 

The 8th track on the album is called “Affluenza” . This track deals with themes of money and how money doesn’t solve your issues. This song also reflects Conan’s life with financial issues and wanting money but realizing that money can not solve issues. The track begins with a slow bass beat with drums playing slowly in the back. The best slowly gets louder and faster as it reaches the chorus. A piano comes in with key words for the chorus. It slows down again for the second verse until the chorus again. The bridge is the best part of the track because all instruments are quiet but the piano and when it plays it is heavy and quick. The lyrics of the song are clever and refer to other songs. The use of the word “Affluenza” was clever since it was used as a mental issue thinking that wealth bought privilege and that there is no link between consequences and the rational mind. Also the rhythm of the song is amazing because it changes when the focus is on the rich people and their issues. 

The 10th track is called “Heather” is could be the saddest song on the album. This song is about having someone you love love someone else and hating that someone else Jaír because they have the attention of the on you love. The song starts out with a twinkling sound followed by a guitar solo which gives the song a sad essence. The song goes on with the guitar for the rest of the track. The lyrics also feel sad and heartbreaking. The bridge is a really emotional part since it has vocals that echo the main lyrics and it also has vocals shouting which give the song emotion. The lyrics show a sense of longing to be Heather just to be the one your lover loves. This song is really heartbreaking and emotional. Kid Krow is meant to be a diary of sorts that detail Conan’s life. Even though it’s meant to reflect his life, it also reflects the audiences life since many of his listeners have gone through issues similar to his in their lifetime. Conan shares a lot of his experiences from abuse to poverty. These issues resonate with a lot of people and this is a reason why this album is amazing. The instrumentals also played a role in making this album amazing. The use of the bass and piano were awesome and gave the tracks a really cool vibe. The use of guitar solos also gave some tracks that sense of innocence and more emotion. Overall, if you enjoy artists that follow an indie pop vibe then I recommend you listen to Girl in Red. If you also love music that deals with real life and personal issues, then I highly recommend you listen to Conan Gray’s album, Kid Krow.

silver landings by mandy moore

Album: Silver Landings 

Artist: Mandy Moore  

Genre: Pop 

Record label(s): Verve Forecast 

Recommended Tracks: Track 1- I’d Rather Lose Track 3- Fifteen

Mandy Moore, born Amanda Leigh Moore, is an American singer, actress, and songwriter from New Hampshire. She first began to star in many local productions and performances at a young age. At the age of 13, Moore began to work on her music by herself. She was overheard by a FedEx delivery man who sent a copy of Moore’s unfinished demo to his friend who worked in A&R at Epic Records. Moore signed with Epic. Moore began to work on her debut album at the age of 14 and she even toured with the boy band, NSYNC. She debuted her single, “Candy”, on August 17, 1999. She then released her debut album, So Real, on December 7th, 1999. Moore released six more albums from then, including her most recent one, Silver Landings, on March 6th, 2020. This new album deals with themes of warmth and security after her separation. The instrumentals in this album give out a warm sound. I would rate this album a 5 out of 5 because of her lyrics and the traditional use of music and the sound the album has. 

The first track in the album is “I’d Rather Lose”. This song has a following a moral compass. The song starts off with an acoustic guitar and drums being played to a steady paste. When the vocals come in with soothing background vocals. The guitar and drums stay the same for pretty much the entirety of the track, but when it comes to the electric guitar solo after the bridge of the song. This solo was amazing and it felt so relaxing and the echoing electric guitar really made the song feel alive. Towards the end, the electric guitar is mixed in with the acoustic guitar and drums and they fade out towards the end. 

The third track is “Fifteen”, and this track deals with Moore’s personal journey. Discussing how she felt when she was younger making music and how all her experiences, good and bad, made her the woman she is today, and she is fine with that. The song starts off with an electric guitar and a bass playing softly and slowly with an echo, making you feel relaxed and calm. The lyrics really highlight her own personal life and makes the song hers and about her life, which is a good thing. She demonstrates reflection in this song and it helps make this song feel warm. The solo before the bridge is also really calming. The solo’s drums make the song feel heavy and deep. The end of the song feels like a really retrospective thought and gets you thinking about your own life and decision. This track was an amazing and beautiful one.Silver Landings is meant to be filled with the feeling of warmth and security without minding the crashes. Moore shares her personal feelings in this album but also shows signs of hope with makes the album feel hopeful and warm. The instrumentals really tied the album together. It also made everything feel real and personal. By using guitars, the album felt warm and as if the songs are full of emotion. Moore comes back to music with this personal album and it really breaks away from her young teenage pop self. Overall, if you enjoy music that makes you feel warm, and feels like you are listening to the artist themselves, then I highly recommend listening to Mandy Moore’s new album, Silver Landings.

The main thing by real estate

Album: The Main Thing

Artist: Real Estate 

Genre: Alternative/Indie

Record label(s): Domino Recording Company

Recommended Tracks: Track 1- Paper Cup Track 10- Sting

Real Estate is an American Indie rock band that was formed in 2009 and the members are from Ridgewood, New Jersey. The current members consist of Martin Courtney IV, Alex Bleeker, Jackson Pollis, Matt Kallman, and Julian Lynch, and they are currently based in Brooklyn, New York. The band members knew each other from their childhood and from high school and played together, with past members, in small events when they were younger. After leaving for college, they would reunite and play together seriously as Rea Estate. The name was chaos rn because one of the members was stuffing for his real estate license while the band was getting started. Real Estate their first studio album in 2009 and then released four more after, including their most recent one, “The Main Thing”, released on February 28th, 2020. This album contains guitar, melodies, and a warm vibe that defines the sound of the band, but a bit bolder. I would rate this album a 5 out of 5 stars because of the way the band pushed through this album and made good music, despite all the issues they faced, like kicking out a founding member.

The second track on the album is called “Paper Cup”. This track has soothing music and vocals. The guitar in the song feels melancholy and calm. “Paper Cup” has started with some keyboards that sound amazing and continues on with the bass and guitar with drums mixed in. The vocals kick in and they sound calm, not shouting, but not whispering. The lead vocals blend in well with the instruments. This song has an amazing bass solo that makes the whole song feel relaxing. 

The 10th track is called “Sting” and is arguably the best in the album. This song is entirely instrumental and is extremely relaxing and soothing. It starts off with nice guitar paying and then drums start to kick in quietly. The rest of the song continues with this calming tune of the guitar and drums playing harmoniously. At the end of the song, this tune fades out and the drums are the only thing left playing in a quick tempo. This song feels exactly what the album feels like, relaxing, calming, soothing, and it makes you want to sit back and enjoy the music, 

“The Main Thing” is a comeback by Real Estate after an issue with a past member. Even though the band went through a rough patch, they still managed to release a great album. The album contains their own sound that they are known for. The music is calming and makes you feel melancholy. The guitar instrumentals were the best part of the album. Overall, if you enjoy soothing music and makes you feel warm, then I highly recommend you listen to Real Estate’s new album, “The Main Thing”.

no future by eden

Album: no future 

Artist: EDEN  

Genre: Alternative/Indie 

Record label(s): MCMXCV LTD

Recommended Tracks: Track 6- love, death, distraction Track 19- untitled

EDEN, born as Jonathon Ng, is an Irish singer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and model. He was formerly known as The Eden Project until 2015. Ng started his music as The Eden Project with more electronic dance music, while his work as Eden saw him with more of an indie-pop style. Ng started The Eden Project in 2013 by independently releasing his tracks and reaching popularity through networks. He released his first EP and he then changed his style in 2015 and became known as EDEN. EDEN has released EP and studio albums since the change, including his most recent one, Np Future, in February 2020. This new album is in his Indie style, which is different from his older electronic dance style. If I were to rate this album, I would rate it a 5 out of 5 due to the sound of the album and the vocals. 

The sixth track on the album is “love, death, distraction”. This song opens with faint vocals in the background and leads into soothing guitar chords playing that continue throughout the track. EDEN’s vocals at the beginning are filled with emotion and feel welcoming. His falsetto makes the beginning even more gracious and heartwrenching. As the song goes on, more vocals come in to harmonize in the background, the vocals are subtle but still important. This song is calming and capturing, it ends with a few guitar notes and a silence that feels so melancholic. This song incorporates a message of the type of relationship people have with social media and how toxic it is. 

“Untitled” is the 19th track on the album. This song shows the ability that EDEN has to produce sad pieces of music. The song makes you feel heartbroken but hopeful inside. It makes you feel like you are being covered by a warm blanket on a cold night after having a sad day. The production is made up of guitar strings over the relaxing vocals. The song ends with a sample of children singing a Jamaican folk song. The sample really helps add more emotion to the song. “Untitled” is a sad song that makes you feel warm inside and it soothes you up in times of sadness. 

“No future” is an album in EDEN’s new style of Indie pop and different from his previous electronic dance style. The album has a more sad and depressing feel to it with messages that are greater than personal issues and more social-based. EDEN offers an emotional and tender style of music that is able to connect with his listeners more. EDEN’s vocals were so soothing and the guitar chords in the songs help the album feel more emotional and calming. If you enjoy indie pop and emotional music I’d recommend you listen to artists such as Billie Eilish, for the emotional music, and Girl in Red and Lana Del Rey, for the indie-pop music. Overall, if you like music that makes you sad and you need music to help you cope with sadness or music that is soothing and calming then I highly recommend you listen to “no future”, by EDEN.

father of all… by green day

Album: Father of All…

Artist: Green Day 

Genre: Garage Rock Revival, Pop Punk, Garage Punk, and Alternative Rock 

Record label(s): Reprise Records 

Recommended Tracks: Track 1- Father of All… Track 3- Oh Yeah!

Green Day is an American rock band formed by lead vocalist and guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong and bassist and backing vocalist Mike Dirnt in 1987 in the East Bay of California. The band started off as Sweet Children and as they added more members to their band, but they typically stay with three members in the future. Soon Lookout! Records took note of them and signed them onto the label, the band then changed their name due to another band having a similar name, “Sweet Baby” and also due to their love for cannabis, leading to the name “Green Day”. The band released their first debut studio album in early 1990 and their success increased from their with them signing with Reprise records after and leading to their success of the American Idiot project. Green Day released many albums and songs throughout their years of success, including their most recent album, “Father of All…”, which was released on February 7th, 2020. This new album is different from their other albums. Unlike “American Idiot”, reflecting the Bush-era of the United States, “Father of All…” aims to be the opposite of this era in the U.S government, aiming to be more “carefree” and “not caring about anything” type of lifestyle. If I were to rate this album out of 5, I would rate it a 4 because of the way the music is different and more peppy and spirited, opposite of their usual feel, but it also doesn’t reflect what Green Day is capable of producing. 

The first track on the Album is “Father of All..” and is arguably the best song on the album. This song follows the album in the sense that it is not supposed to have political commentary, but it is in an obscure way. The song feels like it can be an anthem for a riot or a revolution, it has the feeling and style to it. It also speaks to climate change and the stress of this term’s  U.S president, but it keeps it discreet. Ths instrumentals are also very amazing. The bass in the song feels so awesome and goes extremely well with the feel of the song. Mike Dirnt did an amazing job the bass, they feel very peppy and fun to listen to. The drums also sound amazing and go perfectly with the bass, Tre Cool really matches the energy of the song and makes it more fun to enjoy and rock to. 

“Oh Yeah!” is the third song on the album. This song discusses issues like gun violence ad the education system, but in a subtle manner. The song also mentions social media obsession and how people feel low after they got their money after being a social media star. These topics make the song feel like another anthem or revolution-type of song that people listen to when they are tired of the way things are. The bass makes the song more powerful and enjoyable. The drums seem to mimic hands clapping, making this song feel like many people are rocking to the song at the same time. This song also samples other musicians, which hasn’t been done by Green Day in a long time. Joan Jett and The Blackhearts – Do You Wanna Touch Me is samples in the parts where “oh yeah” is sung. 

“Father of All…” is supposed to be the opposite of what their successful album, “American Idiot”, was. Instead of making the songs politically driven in an obvious manner, this new album focuses on a carefree perspective and lifestyle. However, some political commentary is still shown in obscure ways, but it is not the whole focus. This album is more upbeat and spirited than others but it also lacks the very powerful vibe Green Day is known for. Although this album does not follow what Green Day traditionally produces, it is still a good album, it just doesn’t show the band’s full potential. The bass and drums give the album the upbeat feeling the band is not typically known for, but that is not a bad thing. If you enjoy rock and punk music o recommend listening to Three Days Grace, Radiohead, Fall Out Boy and Sum 41. Overall, if you like a classic rock band with a new taste then I really recommend you listen to Green Day’s “Father of All…”.

Dreaming of david by ryan beatty

Album: Dreaming of David

Artist: Ryan Beatty

Genre: Pop

Record label(s): Interscope and Mad Love 

Recommended Tracks: Track 2- Dark Circles Track 7- Genisis 

Ryan (Kevin) Beatty is an American singer and songwriter who was born on September 25, 1995, in Clovis, California. Ryan started his musical career on his Youtube channel by posting covers of popular songs in 2011. His channel was gaining high views so he unleashed his first debut single “Every Little Thing” in 2011. Ryan also released his debut EP in 2012. Afterward, he went on to release two more albums including his most recent “Dreaming of David”, released on January 31, 2020. This recent album kind of deviates from his usual work. His last album, “Boy in Jeans”,  has a more upbeat and fun feel to it as well as using more autotune and electronic production in it. “Dreaming of David” never feels monotone because his vocals change at any moment from lows to highs that creates a multi-dimensional song. Although this album still uses autotune and electronic production, it is supposed to feel human because of the way it is made, like thoughts left to hang and never fade. I would rate this album a 5 out of 5 stars due to how the music feels human even with all the electronic uses, this makes the album feel unique. 

“Genisis” is the second track on the album. The song title is associated with the dark hue under someone’s eyes from a lack of sleep due to stress of fatigue. This theme is recurring in this song and it feels that way. The music feels so melancholic with beats that resemble raindrops. The instrumentals feel so fast paste and a bit stressful with some beats repeating quickly, resembling the stress in the song. In the song, the singer is up all night thinking of n ex-lover, causing him to have dark circles. The vocals also give off the feeling of being tired and stressed. Ryan sings in a relatively low tone which feels like he is tired, his high notes also add more emotion to the song. The autotune gives the low voice a bit more of depth. 

The track “Genisis” is the 7th track on the album. This track has such a calming and soothing feel to it, it makes you feel as if you were laying on a cloud, and Ryan’s vocals are amazing in this track and help a lot with the soothing feel of the song. The instrumentals all have an effect that makes them echo. The layered vocals of Ryan really make a harmony in the song and show his wide vocal range, which is very impressive. The autotune on his high notes really make this song feel electronic but also really soothing when Ryan harmonizes with his other vocals. This song seems to deal with being fated for someone when they are in a time of need, the usage of biblical terms really ties in the theme of fate and faith in this song.

“Dreaming of David” explores gay love and feels more ambitious. Although this album is a bit too slow and maybe needs more predictability, but this album shows that Ryan has outdone himself again. The use of electronic production and autotune is still used in Ryan’s music but this album also has a slower and soothing feel to it and combined with the theme of it, makes the album feel human, despite the use of electronic production and autotune. If you enjoy pop music with a bit of an alternative feel, I recommend listening to Tyler, the Creator. Overall, if you love music that deals with love and the struggles of gay love, then I highly and strongly recommend taking a listen to “Dreaming of David” by Ryan Beatty.

Romance by Camila Cabello

Album: Romance

Artist: Camila Cabello

Genre: Pop and Contemporary R&B

Record label(s): Epic and Syco

Recommended Tracks:

Camila Cabello is a Cuban-American singer, songwriter, and actress who was born on March 3, 1997. Camila rose to stardom when she was part of an all-female group called Fifth Harmony that was formed on the television show The X Factor (U.S) in 2012. She was working on her solo career while still on the group with releases of her own. Once she left the group and established herself as a solo artist, she began releasing collaborations with other artists. Camila has released many EP and singles but has only released two albums which include her most recent one, “Romance”, which was released on December 6, 2019. “Romance” continues with the theme of love that is on air a lot and considered a pop trope. However, this album feels more frisky but not too much. Much has to do with Camila’s charisma which her listeners enjoy a lot. “Romance” shows different ways of falling for someone, from the fling stage to freaking out about having feelings for a friend, to wanting to be around that person, to explain to your dad that things with this person might get serious. The music has a lot of Latin influence. I would rate this album a 5 out of 5 due to the theme of the album being one that is still enjoyable to listen to and the music being, Latin influenced, has a friskiness to it. 

The Track “My Oh My” is the fourth on the album. This song has an animated vibe to it that really adds to the theme of the song. Camila’s raspy and airy voice gives the song a very alluring feel. The music has clapping and amazing beats when DaBaby has his verses and that made the song feel bouncy. The theme of the song deals with falling for someone who is not the best person, maybe, but you can’t resist their bad, but insatiable, habits. 

“First Man” is the last track on the album. This track is about a daughter telling her dad about her new love and trying to explain that her new love is good. The music is more soothing and the piano really makes this song heartful and emotional. Camila’s voice is breathy and quiet, which makes this song feel much more meaningful and less upbeat than her other songs, which is a good contrast for the album. Having this song on the album really makes the whole theme of love’s journey more personal. 

“Romance” tells the love story that Camila Cabello has experienced and the public has seen. Showing the way love manifests and the different ways it does, is a very common topic but one that everyone can relate to. The Latin inspiration in the album gives is an amazing flare of spice that makes the album awesome. If you like Latin-Pop artists then I’d recommend you listen to Becky G as well. Overall, if you enjoy music that talks about love, then I recommend listening to Camila Cabello’s recent album, “Romance”. 

Thank U, Next by Ariana Grande

Album: Thank U, Next 

Artist: Ariana Grande 

Genre: Pop and Contemporary R&B

Record label(s): Republic Records and Universal International 

Recommended Tracks: Track 2- Needy  and Track 10- 7 Rings 

Ariana Grande is an American singer, songwriter, and actress from Florida. She began her career in 2008 starring on Broadway musicals. She got more recognition for her role as Car Valentine on Nickelodeon’s Victorious. She signed with her record after they found videos of her covering songs, and that’s when her music career took off. She released her first studio album, “Yours Truly” and released three more after, including her most recent, “Thank U, Next”, on February 8th, 2019. This album contains themes of vulnerability and emotions. Ariana has released songs with these themes, however, she mainly aimed toward a much stronger feel for her listeners. Thank U, Next shows a more vulnerable side to Ariana’s relationships with others and herself. This album dealt with a more real feel of Ariana’s life and it shows her journey. Her journey consists of ups and downs, much like the album with tracks that are meant to feel lower and others meant to feel upbeat. The album also explores different musical genres such as soul, pop-rap, and dancehall. I would rate this album a 5 out of 5 because the music and vocals are amazing while having a strong and relatable message. 

The second track on her album, “Needy”, is one of my favorites. This track mainly uses minimal instruments and quiet music that gives the song a sad vibe to it. The vocals are soft and quiet, which also adds to the sad vibe to the track. This song feels like Ariana is not afraid to show her “needy” side and she isn’t afraid to show it. The theme behind this song makes it feel even more vulnerable and relatable to listeners. Having a track that discussed the topic of feeling needy and wanting companionship, is a track a lot of people enjoy because it is an unspoken topic. Ariana suffers from anxiety and this song demonstrates this side of her that listeners and her fans can relate to and enjoy. 

The tenth track on the album is arguably one of the most popular ones on this album, “7 Rings”. This song was also featured as a single and has a different vibe and style than “Needy”. This track has an upbeat vibe and is a pop-rap, trap, and R&B style song. The meaning deals more with enjoying your close friends and the finer things in life given to you by your success, or in this case, Ariana’s success. The track demonstrates a moment in Ariana’s life in which she decided to focus on her success and friends while forgetting about the difficult times with relationships. This track does mention a lot of wealth but it emphasizes the “success” part. It leaves listeners with a feeling of being rich and focusing on yourself and having fun. The music has incredible beats and a very heavy bass vibe. 

“Thank U, Next” has proven to be very successful. The way it tells a story from having self-doubt to thanking life for the experiences and moving onto a new chapter in life. The album is a book on someone’s life, Ariana’s, but it can also suit the lives of anyone, as the album deals with personal themes that listeners can relate to. The heavy bass that is incorporated in the album is what got her fans hyped for this album. Ariana Grande has shown that it is okay to show vulnerability but as long as we can get up. If you like artists that express vulnerability but also show strength, I would recommend you listen to Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato. Overall, if you love music that you can relate and feel awesome to, then I highly recommend listneing to Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next”.

Courage by Celine Dion

Album: Courage

Artist: Celine Dion 

Genre: Pop

Record label(s): Colombia Records 

Recommended Tracks: Track 2- Lovers Never Die and Track 5- Courage

Celine Dion is a Canadian singer who grew up in Quebec. In her teens, she started off releasing French-based albums and she got international recognition after winning a song festival. She then learned English and released her first English-based album in 1990, this established her as an iconic pop star in the U.S and other English speaking places. Celine as released close to 30 albums, both in French and English, including her most recent, “Courage”, released on November 15th, 2019. This album contains themes of courage, self-reflection, and inner strength, different from her previous themes of love. This album is her most recent English-based album in six years. These themes are those that are starting to be more heard of on-air today. With Celine being a well known, iconic, and viable pop artist, her return, from a difficult time, was a huge hit that fans love. Celine’s album consists of ballads and up-tempo songs that make it appealing to her listeners. If I were to rate this album I would give it a 5 out of 5 due to the theme of the album and the way it was produced, by Celine entirely with a lot of musical assistance of other artists, making this album different, but still maintaining her signature “Celine Dion” sound. 

The second track on the album is “Lovers Never Die” and it is arguably the best song on the album, due to its message and tough vibe the song gives out. The vocals in the song are rough but also very controlled when it comes to the high notes. The music transitions from slow ballad-like instrumentals to hard drums and guitar instrumentals, demonstrating the tough vibe of the song. Celine’s lyrics also express the tough vibe of the song and makes you feel powerful and gives you a sense of courage. The song describes how a person does not need a lover who is toxic and calling them out on it, they themselves are enough for the love they need, having a moment of self-reflection. 

“Courage” is the 5th song in the album and the song that is the poster child for the album, both having the same name and theme. The song starts off with a nearly acapella opening with piano playing slowly and Celine’s voice singing softly. The lyrics can be felt and they hit powerfully, with Celine’s voice giving the emotion and depth of the lyrics. The lyrics express how a person is holding onto courage and grasping at their inner strength to keep moving on. This an example of a ballad in the album. 

Celine Dion is a very popular and legendary pop artist and her newest album has the same “Celine Dion” feel but more contemporary, diverging from the lovey-dovey era of music to a more self-worth and courage era in music. “Courage” has a lot of songs that all fall under the theme of having courage, the album will make you feel empowered enough to reflect on your own worth and respect, leading you to have courage in dire situations. Celine Dion is iconic, and if you want to listen to more female artists that are extremely loved then I would suggest listening to Cher, Gloria Estefan, and Madonna. Overall, if you like music that will make you find courage and hold onto it, then I highly recommend to give Celine Dion’s “Courage” a listen.

A Pill for Loneliness by City of Colour

Album: A Pill for Loneliness

Artist: City and Colour

Genre: Alternative/Indie

Record label(s): Still Records

Recommended Tracks: Track 6- Mountain of Madness and Track 11- Lay Me Down

City and Colour is a Canadian musician and songwriter, his real name is Dallas Green. Green was born in Ontario, Canada. Green started his musical career when he was part of a band called Helicon Blue and released several songs before breaking up. He then became part of another group called Alexisonfire, in late 2001, where they released four albums and two EPs before breaking up due to Green’s decision do focus on his own music career as City and Colour. From then on, Green started to release his music online for his fans to download, he eventually released seven albums. Within these albums, they included his most recent one, “A Pill for Loneliness”, on October 4th, 2019. Green’s new album continues to have the same themes of having dark songs, accompanied by beautiful music, which is part of only a few artists who do this on the radio today, it is unique. With Green releasing his own music under his own record label, Still Records, he is avoiding the control and restrictions that so many artists are in. Green also became a classic instantly. City and Colour stands out from other artists because of his concepts and themes in his music, with the mixing of folk melodies, that tell of different perspectives on life and experiences overall, including death, especially when accompanied by his clear voice that seemed to reach your soul, this made him quickly addictive to his listeners. I would rate this album a 5 out of 5 because of the themes this album presents and the types songs, that I find relatable, especially in this world, he has created, accompanied by the amazing, calming, and beautiful instrumentals that I think make the whole album come together gently. 

“Mountains of Madness” is the sixth song on the album and is introduced as a song that can relate to many listeners. Green is known for his lyrics hitting the listener’s souls and being highly relatable and this song hits the same way. This song explains how someone feels as if whatever t3hey do, they feel like they are not living up to their own worth, and questioning if the end goal is even worth the pain along the way. You can feel the intensity and loneliness in the instrumentals. The music makes you feel alone and it also makes you feel the pressure of not knowing what to do, whether to keep going forward or stop. The lyrics are also very soulful and digs deep into the feelings of many people and the stress of not knowing if their hard work will pay off at the end and if the end result was worth all the trouble. 

“Lay Me Down” is the last song of the album and it wraps up the entire album on a sad note. After many songs that talk about loving one another despite all the negativity and the effects of war, the album comes to an end with this song, “Lay Me Down”, and this song is kind of the last goodbye and wishing it all to come to an end because you know that nothing is going to change for the better, so you’d rather it all just end, thus, the song is called “Lay Me Down”, talking about how they just want to be put down and leave the negativity. The music is really slow and saddening, it helps give the song a sense of giving up and depression. The instrumental break amplifies the song’s effects and makes it even more saddening. This song is very much less hopeful than the others, but it closes off the album very well. 

City and Colour has a way of telling serious issues, from a personal to a societal level, that makes people listen, this is unique to himself and to a few artists today. “A Pill for Loneliness” has a serious feel to it but deals with different issues that isolate the individual listener, but connects to everyone in a way that’ll make you stop and take a look at the world today. If you like City and Colour, then I recommend listening to Billie Eilish and to Conan Gray. Overall, if you like music that deals with real issues, that everyone goes through, then you should definitely take a listen to City and Colour and his latest album “A Pill for Loneliness”.