Author: Diana

After Laughter by Paramore

Diana Sarabia  

Record Label: Fueled by Ramen

Recommended Tracks: 3- “Told You So”,  11- “No Friend

After Laughter is an album by Paramore, an Alternative Rock, Power Pop, and Emo-Pop band, that was released in May of 2017.  A distinct element of this album is that it is different from the band’s previous collection; After Laughter adds electropop to the band’s original style. The electropop is a homage to today’s rise in indies 80’s inspired music. When listening to the album’s tracks in constructed order, the first few songs start off lively and upbeat. As you go through the tracks, the tone changes by becoming dismayed and heartbreaking. The reasons for this change of sound is due to the lyrics being filled with disheartening feelings. By delving deeper into the lyrics, the powerful punch of emotions that the singer, Hayley Williams, presents is almost soul crushing. However, this emotional rollercoaster of lyrics does not overpower the diversity of the sound. Each song is memorable in their own way either by lyrics, rhythmic structure, tone, mood, vocals, or instrumentals.

Told You So is a very playful song in its demeanor due to the percussions and electropop. The song begins with an extremely short a cappella voice by the lead singer Hayley Williams. The melody of the soloist, in the beginning, sets the tone for the string and percussion instruments following shortly afterward. The repetition of lyrics helps support the upbeat melody. Although the track is remarkably mesmerizing because of the tone, the lyrics composed in the song have a harsh meaning surrounded around the harmony. The vocalist tells a story about how people undermine her and the decisions she chooses. The emotions behind this theme conveys an atmosphere of uncertainty by the singer and anger from others the singer speaks about.

No Friend is the most fascinating out of place song in the entire album. The track starts with a robust beat by the drums, bass guitar and a nostalgic harmony by the electric guitar. The introduction sets a tone of a hypnotic and nostalgic accent. This tone is repetitive throughout the entire song; which constructs a melody that seems to be never-ending. The vocals, sung by Aaron Weiss, of the track are very discreet. This creates a sensation of someone whispering. The fact that vocals are vastly soft, with a slight sound of frustration, emphasizes the instruments to be overwhelming. However, there are parts in the song where the melody of the instrumentals become mellow and the lyrics begin to shine through. The lyrics of the song is a narration of the painful emotions and events that a friend has caused that the narrator is tired of dealing with. The lyrics and the tone of the song work hand in hand to create a raw cut heart to heart sound.

After Laughter, as an album, is not a bucket of laughs, in the means of the lyrics. However, the upbeat and optimistic rhythm challenges the emotions; which make for an absolutely one of a kind album. Anyone interested in listening to a heartfelt and upbeat album should give this a try. Overall, the band has executed this album effectively.