You Deserve Love by White Reaper

Band: White Reaper

Album: You Deserve Love

Genre: Rock, Pop Punk

Suggested track(s): Real Long Time

White Reaper’s new album You Deserve To Be Loved  is a great rock album with influences from Queen and All Time Low. I know Queen is an odd band to say they draw influence from, seeing as how everyone takes from them, but the harmonizing guitars really give a Queen vibe. Beautifully composed, the album runs for about 30 minutes with 10 tracks. 

Rock is an umbrella term used for punk, pop punk, alternative, (etc.), but what does it really men to be a rock band? What separates pop from rock? By definition, rock is characterized as a musical movement that took off in the 50s-60s, with experimental riffs and lyrics about sex and drugs. I think now, people more closely relate Rock to being ambitious and rebel-esque, consisting of lots of guitars and solid drums. White Reaper captures the essence of rock in the guitars that harmonize so beautifully to give a queen sound. The lead singer’s voice is more high pitched, and there’s some incorporation of synth, and a more pop sounding beat, which is why I associate them with All Time Low, a staple pop-punk band. 

Real Long Time is a seemingly exetenialist song. The person in the song is being regular, wondering when things will not be so. The line that stood out to me the most was “How come what you want and what you get/Always seem to be two different things?”. Not necessarily a special lyric, but one I related to none-the-less. 

All in all, I would highly recommend this album, it was a very fun and exciting listen, and honestly, Now i’m curious to know what they sound like as a live band. Catch me at their next gig.

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