where the light is by surfaces

Album: Horizons 

Artist: Surfaces

Record Labels:  Surfaces, LLC/ TenThousand Projects, LLC, Surfaces Music/ TenThousand
Projects, LLC

Recommended Tracks: 1- “Rising”, 11- “Horizon”

Surfaces is a music group based out of Texas. The two members in the band are Forrest Frank and Colin Padalecki. After fully forming in 2017, surfaces released their first full-length album, Surf. The group has been praised for its genre-bending, feel-good music that has been compared to the likes of Sugar Ray and Rex Orange County. Following the major success of surf, surfaces returned in 2019 with their 2nd album, Where the Light Is, a summer soundtrack similar to it’s predecessor, with even more exciting production and refined songwriting. Horizons is the third album done by Surfaces. This band is mostly known as a pop artist genre. I will give this album a two out of five rating. I will explain at the bottom.

Rising is the first song that I have heard by Surfaces. It starts off with waves crashing. You can only hear the ocean. Then, it slowly picks up and adds some electro beats to it. I found this song interesting because it is only a minute and forty-two seconds but it gave me a total beach day picture with friends, chillin’ on the beach. It is a very calm song, one that you can definitely chill out and vibe to. I can definitely see this song in a beach movie with a bunch of friends gathered around the fire, having a great time. This song is my personal favorite out of the album. I do wish it was a little longer. 

Just like Rising, Horizons gave me the same beachy, surfer dude vibes. It does make sense though because the song is about swimming in the ocean and enjoying the waters. The singer talks about the ocean spinning him and taking him up high. My interpretation about the song may be different from yours, but I do think he is talking about the ocean and enjoying it. This song is also pretty calm. Unlike Rising, this song did not paint a picture in my head. I just followed the flow of the music but didn’t get a nice picture painted in my head. 

The reason why I gave this album a two out of five rating is because I thought that the singers’ voices were not the best. I loved the background music but not their voices. I really did love how each song had a beach vibe to it. So if you like calm, beach vibe songs then this is the perfect album for you. This album is one of the albums that you should add to your playlist when you are going to the beach. It will help add to that environment.

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