When I Get Home by Solange

Album: When I Get Home

Artist: Solange

Record Label: Saint Records

Recommended Tracks: Track 9: “Almeda” Track 14: :Binz”

Rating: 4/5

Artist and singer, Solange released her fourth studio album, When I Get Home March 1st, 2019 not too long after her international tour. This album consists of 19 tracks, including 5 interludes and an intermission. The album is easy and smooth, with jazz roots but it is also hip-hop and experimental incorporating Gucci Mane- what an assortment! Different from other albums, the tracks have no template, each song is unique from the last allowing the listener to be able to listen to the entire album easily.

Track 9 “Almada” displays Solange’s appreciation for black culture, a culture that belongs to her. The artist draws seems to draw inspiration from southern black roots, especially her influence from her hometown of Houston. Solange along side Carti B states, “Black skin, black braids/ Black waves, black days/ Black baes, black days/ These are black-owned things”. This song is cultural appreciation and black empowerment at its core, not only through lyrics but from the well known artists who were featured.

“Binz” is where Solange goes in with showing of her insane vocals with the first majority of the song being a series of “oohs” and “ahhs” that can’t not give you chills. The song is just one minute and 51 seconds, but continues to be a standout of the album. From the first 5 seconds, the hi-hat comes in with a consistent beat throughout the whole song, and then Solange comes in with an melodic chorus. Binz is a sing along song, one that is easy and fun, with some pretty insane vocals.

Despite fourteen of the nineteen tracks being under three minutes, Solange creates a leisure experience. The album is not simple or brisk, she manifests an event which is a catharsis for internal thought. The only criticism would be the repetitiveness, many songs repeat themselves (alot), but it is obviously an intentional repetition making it her sound. When I Get Home is an album one listens to start to finish, it sounds better together. If you’re looking for some amazing vocals to instill some introspection- this is it.

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