True 2 Myself by Lil Tjay

Album: True 2 Myself 

Artist: Lil Tjay

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap 

Record label(s): Columbia Records and Sony Music Entertainment 

Recommended Tracks: Track 7- Mixed Emotions and Track 10 – Leaked 

  Lil Tjay is an 18 year old rapper from the South Bronx burrows of New York. This album carries that east coast hip-hop familiar vibe and can be compared to that of fellow New York artist, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie. Lil Tjay is a surging young artist with great lengths of potentially ahead of himself. He uses his music to speak about emotions and thoughts, while mixing in the troubles of coming from an area he resides in. If I were to rate this album I would give it a 9 out of 10 because his music in this album is so true to himself, no pun intended, but he really went off and exceeded expectations more than what I would’ve expected for Lil Tjay being so young and new to the rap game. 

   “Leaked” is the tenth song released off the album and is personally my favorite. It is something that you can vibe to whether it be at the gym, the beach or just cruising in your car on a nice day. It brings me to an utmost mood whenever I hear it. It gives little lyrics of different things to relationships, friendships and street activities. It talks about how much success he’s been getting the hardships that came along with it along the way like fake friends. It is a must hear song for sure!

   “Mixed Emotions” is track on the album that lets the songs speaks for itself. Lil Tjay talks about his mixed emotions towards a certain female & friends and how when money becomes involved they switch up. It’s a good song to play if you are going through things yourself and can’t really release it out there. And if you can’t do it then what’s a better way to listen to someone else do it. You can really feel his thoughts and what’s going on through his reality. 

   Lil Tjay is a young artist and will soon blow the music charts up more than ever before. He has something special and really authentic in his music and wants his voice to be heard. While keeping that same attitude and emotions from being brought up in the not too brightest areas in New York. Nothing is going to change about him from his flow or lifestyle and there is nothing but better things you can expect out of his music. If you like Lil Tjay, I would recommend listening to artists like A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Luh Kel, NBA Youngboy & $tupid Young. Overall if you like the new wave hip-hip of gangster authenticity mixed with real-life emotions, “True 2 Myself” by Lil Tjay is the perfect album to listen to. 

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