The main thing by real estate

Album: The Main Thing

Artist: Real Estate 

Genre: Alternative/Indie

Record label(s): Domino Recording Company

Recommended Tracks: Track 1- Paper Cup Track 10- Sting

Real Estate is an American Indie rock band that was formed in 2009 and the members are from Ridgewood, New Jersey. The current members consist of Martin Courtney IV, Alex Bleeker, Jackson Pollis, Matt Kallman, and Julian Lynch, and they are currently based in Brooklyn, New York. The band members knew each other from their childhood and from high school and played together, with past members, in small events when they were younger. After leaving for college, they would reunite and play together seriously as Rea Estate. The name was chaos rn because one of the members was stuffing for his real estate license while the band was getting started. Real Estate their first studio album in 2009 and then released four more after, including their most recent one, “The Main Thing”, released on February 28th, 2020. This album contains guitar, melodies, and a warm vibe that defines the sound of the band, but a bit bolder. I would rate this album a 5 out of 5 stars because of the way the band pushed through this album and made good music, despite all the issues they faced, like kicking out a founding member.

The second track on the album is called “Paper Cup”. This track has soothing music and vocals. The guitar in the song feels melancholy and calm. “Paper Cup” has started with some keyboards that sound amazing and continues on with the bass and guitar with drums mixed in. The vocals kick in and they sound calm, not shouting, but not whispering. The lead vocals blend in well with the instruments. This song has an amazing bass solo that makes the whole song feel relaxing. 

The 10th track is called “Sting” and is arguably the best in the album. This song is entirely instrumental and is extremely relaxing and soothing. It starts off with nice guitar paying and then drums start to kick in quietly. The rest of the song continues with this calming tune of the guitar and drums playing harmoniously. At the end of the song, this tune fades out and the drums are the only thing left playing in a quick tempo. This song feels exactly what the album feels like, relaxing, calming, soothing, and it makes you want to sit back and enjoy the music, 

“The Main Thing” is a comeback by Real Estate after an issue with a past member. Even though the band went through a rough patch, they still managed to release a great album. The album contains their own sound that they are known for. The music is calming and makes you feel melancholy. The guitar instrumentals were the best part of the album. Overall, if you enjoy soothing music and makes you feel warm, then I highly recommend you listen to Real Estate’s new album, “The Main Thing”.

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