The Last Rocket by Takeoff

Album: The Last Rocket

Artist: Takeoff

Record Label: Capitol Records

Recommended Tracks: She Gon Wink (feat. Quavo), Lead the Wave

Takeoff is a popping, truly killer album that is perfect for hang sessions with your friends or a long drive by yourself. There is truly no weak tracks in the entire album, and each song has its own distinct quality to it. That means there is a track for everybody in this album, and any rap fan should take this album for a listen. It is a pretty short album, just hitting 30 minutes in total. While this is mostly Takeoff’s individual effort, it does not stray all too much from the tracks Migos (the rap group of which he is a member) puts out. Along with the casual rap fan, this is a perfect album for Migos fans who want to hear more of Takeoff’s smoky voice stand on its own.

She Gon Wink is only the second track of the album but maybe one of the best. It has a pretty chill beat, and the lyrics rise to the top and grab our attention. Takeoff’s and Quavo’s natural voices do most of the work for this song, and they do a great job. Takeoff and Quavo, of course, make up two-thirds of Migos, and so this song is very similar to many of the tracks they put out as a group. Migos does seem, however, to have a winning formula for songs they put out, and this one with just Takeoff and Quavo is no different.

Migos has put out truly addictive songs that have defined their group- Fight Night, Stir Fry, Walk It Like I Talk It, etc. Lead the Wave has a real possibility of being added to that group in the near future. Unlike She Gon Wink, this track has the beat as its foremost player, which is the very first thing you hear in the song. Anybody who even remotely liked what Migos has put out in the past will fall in love with this track. The amazing beat is only complemented by Takeoff’s voice and rhythm. His raspy voice stands on its own and shows everybody just how capable Takeoff is in supporting a track, and even an album.

The Last Rocket is an album that does not stray too much from the traditional Migos formula but has a bigger takeaway. Takeoff is his own artist, fully capable of producing compelling music without his buddies Quavo and  Offset. It is not an indictment of the other two in any way but is rather telling any critics or skeptics that Takeoff is not just riding on the coattails of his group members. For the new rap fan open to all that rap has to offer, to Migos fans that want to see Takeoff take off by himself, this album is a must-listen. I rate this album a very respectable 4 out of 5.

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