Surviving by Jimmy Eats World

Album: Surviving

Artist: Jimmy Eats World

Genre: Alternative/Indie 

Record label: Exotic Location Recordings

Recommended Tracks: Track 2- Criminal Energy  and Track 6- All The Way (Stay)

Surviving is Jimmy Eats World tenth studio album. It was released on October 18, 2019. The band produced Surviving with Justin Meldal-Johnson. Meldal-Johnson co-produced Jimmy Eat World’s previous song in 2016 Integrity Blues, as well as the 2018 songs Love Never and Half Heart. A new version of Love Never is on Surviving. Jimmy Eats the world is an American rock band that formed in Arizona in 1993. The band members are Jim Adkins, Tom Linton, Zach Lind, Rick Burch, Courtney Marie Andrews, Mitch Porter, and Rachel Haden. The band is most known for their song The Middle that came out in 2001. I recognized them once I heard this song. I am going to give this album a four out of five. I will explain at the end.

Criminal Energy definitely has alternative rock written all over it. It is very upbeat and fast pacing. This song reminds me a lot of Jimmy Eats World older music they made in the 90’s. It hasn’t really changed, like most artists who developed in the 90’s. This song is very energetic. This song is about having that unexplained feeling of doing something bad. Jimmy Eats World is saying that they have felt that same feeling and they understand it. You will like this song if you like upbeating rock music. It was my favorite song out of the rest of the album. 

All The Way (Stay) is another upbeat alternative rock song in the album. It is not as fast paced as Criminal Energy, but it is still as good as that song.  All The Way (Stay) is about wanting someone as a boyfriend or girlfriend but not knowing how to show their feelings to that person. They are trying to ask the person to “stay” so that they can go “all the way” and express their feelings to them. So yes, the song is about sex. It is about going all the way with someone no matter how awkward it is in the beginning. This song is perfect for anyone who loves to listen to chill rock music. It is also pretty catchy.

I gave this album a four out of five rating because most of the songs on the album are great, while others are not. I liked the overall beat of the entire album. When I read that the genre  for the band was alternative/indie, I was dreading doing this review. But after listening to the album, most of the songs made my low expectations go away. If you are interested in alternative rock and indie and where a band has changed much from the 90’s, then this album is the one for you.

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