Survival by Dave East

Album: Survival 

Artist: Dave East 

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap 

Record label(s): Def Jam Recordings & Mass Appeal Records 

Recommended Tracks: Track 11- Alone and Track 3- Godfather

Dave East is a rapper who retains his background from Harlem, New York. Real name, David Brewstwr Jr., first gained fame and popularity in 2014 from his mixtape, “Black Rose”. Although, music wasn’t his first career choice as he grew up having a very promising basketball career but had to give that all up after so many issues. While being around in the music industry for a good number of years now, “Survival” happens to be Dave East’s debut studio album. Dave East is a really special artist who makes most of his music as a way for him to tell his stories in each and every song. I personally, would give the album an 8/10. It brings a strong unique vibe that is different from all other current mainstream music. I also really love the samples of old school music included into different tracks on the album. 

“Alone” is the eleventh track off of “Survival” and the most fun filled track, having that strong r&b presence. It features new popular r&b singer Jacquees as well as sampling off Jodeci’s “Feenin”. It’s a good song to vibe to when you’re in the car driving with the windows down or just feel like being in your feelings. 

“Godfather 4” is the third song placed onto the album and has that perfect mixture of storytelling and is just a really standout collab. It has a remarkable collaboration between Dave East and his fellow companion and mentor, Nas. This on top of the jazz-like beats and smooth toning sounds. This makes the perfect track and can certainly become a favorite amongst most listeners. Dave East uses both old respectable artists and newer age younger artist to help tell his story off of “Survival”.

The album is really fitting and well put together and guaranteed to bring joy to your ears. With Dave East being 31 years old the album sets a statement that he still has potential and more to come. This album sums up where he has been and what he had going and well as what he’s looking to accomplish further on. If you like Dave East, I would recommend listening to other artists within the genre and vibe of him like Nas, Cam’ron & A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie. All carry that classic New York sound that we can all appreciate. Overall, “Survival” is one meant for the ears and you have to give it a listen. Especially if you’re into hearing about how far one has com and what more they have left to bring to the table in terms of music. 

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