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Slik ser albumcoveret til "Sucker Punch" ut. Foto: Handout

Sucker Punch by Sigrid

Artist: Sigrid

Album: Sucker Punch

Record Label: Universal Music

Recommended Tracks: Track 5 – “Don’t Feel Like Crying”, Track 7 – “Sight of You”

On March 8, 2019 up-and-coming pop artist Sigrid released her twelve track debut album Sucker Punch. Similar to the title of the album, the Norwegian singer’s album is like a burst of unexpected energy with its upbeat melodies and feel-good rhythms. The majority of the songs feel like they belong on a summer Spotify playlist because they sound playful and stray from cynical tones. Rating the album as an entire body of work, I would rate it a 3.5 out of 5. At its core, it’s an exciting collection of songs for the most part, but it does lack a bit of variety in sound. A few of the songs sound similar to each other and appear to stick to the pop-genre-formula, making it seem as though Sigrid is playing it safe rather than taking risks on this album. However, Sigrid is a talented new artist and there are definitely moments in Sucker Punch that deserve praise and recognition.

Track 5, “Don’t Feel Like Crying” immediately pulls you in with exciting synth and Sigrid’s confident vocals. As you listen to the lyrics, it feels like you are inside her mind as she reasons with herself on the subject of heartbreak. She points out that she can deal with it two ways; wallowing in self-pity, or “at least [for] tonight,” refusing to cry. She goes through a list of expected reactions and coping mechanisms to her own post-breakup experience, but admits, “wallowing in it would be such a waste, that isn’t gonna fix it anyway.” The instruments make the song sound light-hearted and fun with Sigrid’s vocals matching their tone. The synthesized piano beats stay consistent throughout and creates an uplifting base for her voice to soar over.   It’s a song that will have listeners eager to sing along and dance to at her concerts.

“Sight of You,” the seventh track on Sucker Punch is another catchy synth-pop tune that comments on Sigrid’s moments of feeling low. In these moments, she reflects on the positive aspects of her life such as being able to perform on stage for her growing fanbase that she clearly appreciates. It’s like a love-letter to her fans as she expresses her gratitude toward them for bringing her a sense of comfort with their support, which she finds especially helpful when she’s having a bad day. The song has a sweet message and confronts downcast feelings with a twist by remembering the more positive aspects of your life. Similar to the fifth track, the synthesized pianos sound bright with every note. Rather than making a song with solely a sulky undertone, Sigrid manages to create a song that blends the highs and lows of life, perfectly mirroring her personal lyrics to upbeat rhythms and cheerful vocals.

Sigrid’s an artist that I think will definitely continue to grow in popularity. Sucker Punch gives a taste of what she can bring to the pop music genre, and leaves me hoping that the music she releases in the future will be a bit more colorful with sonic variety. Her simplistic lyrics and catchy beats are entertaining to listen to, nonetheless.

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