Still Summer in the Projects

Album: Still Summer In The Projects 

Artist: 03 Greedo 

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap 

Record label(s): Alamo Records 

Recommended Tracks: Track 8- In The Morning Track 6- Gettin’ Ready & Track 4- Trap House (feat. Shoreline Mafia). 

03 Greedo is a rapper originally from South Central, Los Angeles. He grew up in one of the more known gang-violence filled sections, Watts. This is a place where it is filled with crime almost every time of the day. While growing up in Watts 03 hold his alliance and ties to Grape Street. He personally resided in the Jordan Downs Housing Projects, a place known to many in the streets of LA as being very active. Being 32 years old and on the rise, 03 Greedo was sentenced to 20 years in prison right when his career was starting to take off but it eligible for parole next year. Still Summer In The Projects was his first project to drop from him since his sentence. 03 Greedo has his own sound mixed with that LA hip-hop that everyone likes. He creates his type of vibes and uses auto tune to bring those soft melodies to realties. Still Summer In The Projects is my personal favorite album, as many others from the other area can say as well just for the way 03 carries his authenticity while singing and has that type of music you can play in the morning, at a function or while being with your significant other. I would personally give the album a 10/10 just for the way everything is present onto it. I myself can actually listen to the whole album through and be really satisfied from start to end. 

“In The Morning” is the eighth single off of the Still Summer In The Projects. It’s a great song all around and carries a really soft and touching vibe throughout the entire track. It’s the type of song that you would dedicate to a significant other. For me personally, it puts me in the best mood. A song where you can memorize all the lyrics and wouldn’t be disappointed. 03 stresses his affection for his partner and the lifestyle he goes through at the same time. 

“Gettin’ Ready” is the sixth song off the single and on this one he sings about how she plays this song while getting ready in the morning. Another song being dedicated to a female and how she is into him and how she flashes the highest designer like Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Christian Louboutin. He even refers to their relationship as being relationship goals to fans and others all around. 

“Trap House (feat. Shoreline Mafia)” is a statement song presented on the album and carries a lot of meaning behind it. What better way for rising LA rap group and rising LA rapper 03 Greedo to both collab and put themselves out there by coming together for a future classic track. Ohgeesy delivers the hard verse in the middle of the track, Rob Vicious in the beginning, and 03 Greedo to carry on the chorus. 

03 Greedo is a name to be heard amongst LA natives for a very long time and his mark is currently being set even while he is doing time behind bars. Supported by a heavily LA fanbase due to his very good music. His presence is being marked as you can see #FREE03 being plastered all over the city and from other artists and fans all over social media. If you like 03 Greedo I would recommend listening to artists like Shoreline Mafia, Bino Rideaux, Conradfrmdaaves & Azjah. Overall if you like the idea of a singing rap style about affection and love from a hood rapper himself then you should definitely check out 03 Greedo and his album, “Still Summer In The Projects”. 

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