Scary Nights by G-Eazy

Album: Scary Nights

Artist: G-Eazy

Genre: Hip hop/Alternative hip hop

Record Label: RCA Records

Recommended Tracks: Big Ben, I Wanna Rock

G-Eazy is a rapper from Oakland, California. His debut album, These Things Happen, debuted in June of 2014. His newest release, Scary Nights, was put out into the public in 2019. It is an album that showcases G-Eazy extremely well, with the majority of the tracks being a strong hook paired with G-Eazy’s verses. It is an excellent album to listen to if you are looking for an introduction to G-Eazy and his style. Scary Nights is also a great listen if you’re looking for a few tracks to kick it back to or to jam with. 

Big Ben is a fast-paced track that is fun to kick it to if you are in a high mood. It has an extremely strong hook that can be noticed as soon as the song begins. We first hear the guest artist, Prime. His verses are slow and methodical until they begin to pick up in pace with the beat, and his voice shines through cleanly. The beat gets boosted as G-Eazy starts his verse, which shifts the song’s beat into an even catchier rhythm. This song demonstrates both G-Eazy’s beats as well as his strong vocals and is a great jam to listen to if someone is in the mood for a bop. 

I Wanna Rock is a track that is also centered around a strong beat that showcases G-Eazy’s rhythm and verses.  The beat is the first thing one notices when they start listening to this track, and it is obvious why G Eazy made this call. The beat is extremely strong and is by far the best attribute of this track. It is both high-paced and centered giving the listener an interesting and enjoyable experience. G Eazy’s verses over the beat only add to the listening experience, and they match perfectly with the beat. The track is a bonified bop, and it would be very hard to find a person who couldn’t kick it to this song. If you are looking for something to jive to, or are looking for a song to add to your Halloween party playlist. G Eazy is a strong artist and his album Scary Nights is a good representation of his work and ability. If you are someone that is looking for a good October-vibe album or an introduction to G Eazy, this album is great to listen to. I would recommend this album to anyone that enjoys the music of Big Sean, Eminem, or J Cole. I would rate this album a respectable 3.5 out of 5.

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