Saintmoteltelevision by Saint Motel

Record Label: Elektra

Recommended Tracks: 4- “Born Again”  7- “For Elise”

Saintmoteltelevision is an album by indie pop band Saint Motel. Despite this album being released almost 3 years ago, it is an immortal album and has not aged. The album includes upbeat and fun songs that posses some pretty important lyrics. The themes of the songs span from self discovery to discovery of something greater, taking the listener on not only an auditory but  mental tour inside the minds of Saint Motel.

Born Again seems to be the stand out song of the album. It begins with slight gospel vibes due to the opening of a choir but then descends into the soft vocals of lead singer, A/J Jackson. This song alludes to the album cover of the female diving into water which symbolizes rebirth, a standout theme of the album. The ability of this song to incorporate the choir and instrumentals allow the song to distinguish itself from the others, but still fit the cohesive, cheerful vibe of the album.

For Elise is my favorite song of the album and as someone who considers themselves to have good music taste I have no clue how I have not added this song to a playlist yet. This song begins slow, with smooth background vocals but soon conforms to the upbeat tune of the album. The song references iconic female artists such as Norma Jean and Carole King, but my favorite part of this song is that somehow Saint Motel seamlessly incorporates Beethoven’s “Fur Elise” into the song. Someone explain what Beethoven is doing in an indie pop song and how it sounds so good. The strong instrumentals and cheerful lyrics allow for this song to be way too catchy.

The most respectable part of the album is that although each of the 10 songs are different, they have one thing in common- they make you want to dance, sing along and just smile. This album is the perfect sing along album, seemingly made to be added to a road trip playlist.  Anyone looking for something to get them on their feet and singing, this is the album for you.

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