Old Dominion by Old Dominion

Album: Old dominion

Artist: Old dominion

Genre: Country/Country Pop

Record label: RCA Records Nashville

Recommended Tracks: Track 6- Midnight Mess Around  and Track 8- Hear You Now

Old Domination album came out on October 25, 2019. The band is an American country band that consists of five members that was founded in Nashville Tennessee. The band consists of Matthew Ramsey, Trevor Rosen, Whit Sellers, Geoff Sprung, and Brad Tursi. Their music is contemporary country with rock instrumentation, and has pop and hip hop overtones. Old Domination has won the Academy of Country Music Award for Vocal Group of the Year in 2018 and 2019. I am going to give this album a two out of five rating. I’ll explain at the end.

Midnight Mess Around is about what you guessed it to be. It is about being out in the middle of nowhere and wanting to have sex before they return to the city. The person singing the song “know[s] which road, which road to take you down”. This song reminds me of a country song that people would slow down to. It has a very soothing and slow beat that it would be perfect for a slow dance song. If you like slow country, then this song is perfect for you. Old Domination does have a guitar playing in the background, like most country music. But, the guitar is smooth and not overpowering. It is perfect for anyone who likes slow music.

Hear You Now is about someone who is in a relationship who is taking their significant other for granted. The significant other has told them multiple times to change or they will leave, but the artist is barely hearing them. They finally heard them when the person left. In the song they sing: “[I] Hear you now, hear you now, hear you now. Now that you ain’t talking to me.” This song is pretty depressing, because of the message behind it. This song is just like Midnight Mess Around, it has a very slow beat. The guitar isn’t overpowering in this song either. Just like the other song, if you like slow music then this is the perfect song for you.

The reason why I gave this album a two out of five rating isn’t because it is a terrible album, it’s actually pretty good. I gave this albuma two out of five because the genre is misleading. It is country, but slow country not pop. I was expecting more upbeat songs, not what the album contained. However, if you are a lover of country, slow country to be exact, then this album is perfect for you. You won’t be disappointed, the songs are actually pretty good for slow country. 

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