no future by eden

Album: no future 

Artist: EDEN  

Genre: Alternative/Indie 

Record label(s): MCMXCV LTD

Recommended Tracks: Track 6- love, death, distraction Track 19- untitled

EDEN, born as Jonathon Ng, is an Irish singer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and model. He was formerly known as The Eden Project until 2015. Ng started his music as The Eden Project with more electronic dance music, while his work as Eden saw him with more of an indie-pop style. Ng started The Eden Project in 2013 by independently releasing his tracks and reaching popularity through networks. He released his first EP and he then changed his style in 2015 and became known as EDEN. EDEN has released EP and studio albums since the change, including his most recent one, Np Future, in February 2020. This new album is in his Indie style, which is different from his older electronic dance style. If I were to rate this album, I would rate it a 5 out of 5 due to the sound of the album and the vocals. 

The sixth track on the album is “love, death, distraction”. This song opens with faint vocals in the background and leads into soothing guitar chords playing that continue throughout the track. EDEN’s vocals at the beginning are filled with emotion and feel welcoming. His falsetto makes the beginning even more gracious and heartwrenching. As the song goes on, more vocals come in to harmonize in the background, the vocals are subtle but still important. This song is calming and capturing, it ends with a few guitar notes and a silence that feels so melancholic. This song incorporates a message of the type of relationship people have with social media and how toxic it is. 

“Untitled” is the 19th track on the album. This song shows the ability that EDEN has to produce sad pieces of music. The song makes you feel heartbroken but hopeful inside. It makes you feel like you are being covered by a warm blanket on a cold night after having a sad day. The production is made up of guitar strings over the relaxing vocals. The song ends with a sample of children singing a Jamaican folk song. The sample really helps add more emotion to the song. “Untitled” is a sad song that makes you feel warm inside and it soothes you up in times of sadness. 

“No future” is an album in EDEN’s new style of Indie pop and different from his previous electronic dance style. The album has a more sad and depressing feel to it with messages that are greater than personal issues and more social-based. EDEN offers an emotional and tender style of music that is able to connect with his listeners more. EDEN’s vocals were so soothing and the guitar chords in the songs help the album feel more emotional and calming. If you enjoy indie pop and emotional music I’d recommend you listen to artists such as Billie Eilish, for the emotional music, and Girl in Red and Lana Del Rey, for the indie-pop music. Overall, if you like music that makes you sad and you need music to help you cope with sadness or music that is soothing and calming then I highly recommend you listen to “no future”, by EDEN.

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