Motions by Melii

Album: Motions

Artist: Melii

Genre: R&b soul

Record label: Interscope Records

Recommend Tracks: Track 3-High For U, Track 1- No Hard Feelings

Melii, Audrey Grinell Duncase, is a singer, songwriter and rapper from New York. She gained popularity in 2017 when she made a bilingual cover to Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow”. Her ethnic background is Dominican, and she speaks both English and Spanish. She sprinkles bilingualism throughout her album. Melii gets music inspiration from Nicki Minaj, J. Cole, Amy Winehouse, and Lil Kim. Her first album ​phAses ​has a similar sound to ​MOTIONS​. What she sings and raps about is consistent across both albums. She sings and raps about sexual freedoms, being better than the next person, and love. Although the songs are of similar content each song has a different vibe. Some make you want to dance and others get you in your feels. Overall I rate this album a 4⁄5 . For it to receive a 5/5 I would like to hear more tracks where she belts it out. It would really emphasize the feelings.

Track 3 High For U feat. Gyptian is a really nice club song. The Afro/ Caribbean beats in the background makes you want to dance. The lyrics are also really good, it makes you feel like that Girl. I line from the song I really like is “say you want a bad girl, show you what it’s like then”.
The first track on the album is “No Hard Feelings”. The slowed down music in the background, makes you really feel the lyrics. This song is about a previous breakup showing your above that

now. I like the line, “say you doing better, I heard you”. This song is one you can bump in the car after you found out something vital about your significant other.

Overall I enjoyed Melii’s album ​MOTIONS. ​It took me on a journey of hurt and being over it. Melii has a light voice that’s also seductive so it makes you want to move your hips. I will add some of her songs to my playlist. If you are going through a breakup or are just over it, I say give this album a listen. It’s really relatable.

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