manic by halsey

Album: Manic

Artist: Halsey 

Record Labels: Capitol Records

Recommended Tracks: 9- “Without Me”, 15- “Still Learning”

I am going to start off by giving you, as the reader, a disclaimer. Halsey is one of my favorite modern artists of our time. She is really amazing and is extremely talented. My disclaimer is that I am going to be biased towards this album. Because I am a fan of Halsey, I’m going to already give this album a high rating. However, I will try my best to give this album an unbiased rating and opinion. Halsey’s real name is Ashley Nicolette Frangipane. She is an American singer and songwriter. She gained  attention from releasing music herself on social media platforms. She was signed by Astralwerks in 2014 and released her debut EP, Room 93, later that year. Manic is a very interesting album. Like every album, it has both fast and slow songs. But, she adds a different touch to each of those songs by having SUGA, BTS, and other artists sing with her. I am going to give this album a five out of five rating. I will explain towards the end why. 

Without Me is one of the songs that made me become a fan of Hasley. I’ve always liked her music, but this song spoke to me the most out of all of her songs. This song is about Hasley putting someone above her, above everything in her life. But, then this person takes advantage of her. (This is my personal interpretation of the song). The lyrics are really sad, extremely sad actually. But because of the music Halsye has in the background, you can never get truly sad when singing the song. You could yell the lyrics but not get sad. It reminds me of a lot of 80’s music. This song is also one of Halsey’s most famous songs. I really love it. 

Still Learning is a pretty powerful song. It is about Halsey going through rough times. A man won’t stay, her money isn’t really hers because it is being passed around the family, and she has no self-esteem. But, she admits that she is still trying to learn how to love herself. This is a song that many of us could relate to. I recommend this song to someone who is going through a rough time. You and Halsey could relate to each other through this song. She speaks about learning to love yourself through rough times.  The reason why I gave this album a five out of five rating is because it is truly an overall amazing album. The song where Halsey, SUGA, and BTS all sing in it is amazing. She even has songs where she is talking in the beginning, then the music plays and she sings. All of her songs have something to do with her personal life. 929 is about the time and day she was born. I recommend this album for people who love pop music or who love Halsey. It is really good.

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