Mala Santa by Becky G


Artist: Becky G

Genre: Latin Music, Pop, Hip hop

Record label(s): Kemosabe, RCA, Sony Latin, and Arista Records

Recommended Tracks: Track 1- MALA SANTA Track 2- PELEAS

Becky G is an American singer and songwriter. She is a Mexican-American born in 1997 and from Inglewood, CA. Becky G was discovered by some of her record labels after she posted videos of herself covering popular songs in 2011. Becky G first debuted her first single “Problem” and many works after, including her first album “MALA SANTA” on October 17th, 2019. This album diverges from the past theme of love and sweet pop music and incorporates the theme of fun and rebellious pop music that is meant to empower listeners, which is a common theme in modern music, but very much popular. Being Mexican-American, Becky G incorporates her culture into her music by singing this album entirely in Spanish and reaching to the Mexican-American demographic. Becky G is a popular singer who has an empowering and hard-edge beat which is why her fans love her. If I were to rate this album, I would rate it a 5 out of 5 because of the way the album drifts away from Becky’s sweet image and the way the music makes you want to dance and feel dangerous, confident, empowered, and tough.

“MALA SANTA” was a single released a few days before the album was released on October 17th. The song starts off with a quiet opening and it also starts with Becky singing in a more quiet and whispery voice that draws the attention to the song. This song is the theme of the album and Becky’s place in her career as of today, with talking about her being the bad saint and not wanting to stop for anyone. The song turns into a more seductive tone and becomes more fun to dance to. I think this song is the best representation of the album because the album is supposed to represent Becky’s grown woman image. This song is a lot more seductive than her other songs but still contains her rebellious theme with her other songs. 

“PELEAS” seems to be a more personal song because it deals with relationships. This song has a few rap verses that make this song a bit different from other songs on the album, but it makes it feel fresh as well. It also has some amazing guitar instrumentals in the beginning of the song and makes the song feel as if it were a song of missing someone, but then the lyrics change and so does the instrumentals, involving some beats and making the song about the mistakes in the relationship. The chorus of the song repeats the title of the song, emphasizing the issues in the relationship and it also expresses how Becky knows the other person won’t change. This song gives a more edgy vibe to the whole relationship theme of some songs, but it also sticks with the album’s theme of being tough, much like “MALA SANTA”. 

Becky G has been through many changes in her music career since being in the public eye when she was young, this album is her way of transforming into a woman. Her style has changed to a more seductive and rebellious style and it reaches the young adult demographic. “MALA SANTA” is a very empowering album that is completely different from Becky’s old music, it also shows her growth from a sweet girl to a grown woman. I recommend listening to this album if you like pop music and want to feel empowered and tough.

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