Love Language by Umi

Album: Love Language
Artist: UMI
Genre: R&B
Record labels: 408 Records and Loud Robot Recommend Tracks: Track 1-Love Affair

Tierra Umi Wilson goes by the stage name UMI. She is a singer and songwriter from Seattle. She currently lives in LA and attends USC. This singer made her debut with the song “Friendzone”. Its pop and dance vibe is what intrigued audiences. ​Love Language ​is UMI’s first album and it’s a short one with only 4 songs. The four songs are centered around the theme of identity within the context of Love. UMI is Japanese and African American. She struggles with what side to identify with and expressed that in her music. All the songs have the same vibe, meaning the beats and lyrics are similar. Her voice is similar to current artist SZA.

If I could, I would say all the songs are my favorite but since I have to choose my favorite track is the first one “Love Affair”. It makes you daydream because you get lost in the words and her voice. The lines, “maybe it’s just a crush” bring you back to reality. This sings demonstrates the theme of identity, because listers are on a journey of daydreaming, confusion, and realization.

I rate this short album a 5/5. It gives me just enough heartbreak and self reflection. The songs are similar yet distinct enough to take you on a journey each time. This album is for anyone looking for songs to add to your shower playlist. What I mean by this is anyone who wants to daydream and be reminded of who they are.

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