Helium by Homeshake

Album: Helium

Artist: Homeshake

Record Label: Sinderlyn

Recommended Tracks: 7- “Just Like My” Track 8- “Nothing Could Do Better”

Rating: 3/5

Solo singer and song write, Peter Sagar released his fourth full length album, Helium. Sagar insisted he record this album within his own house rather than in a studio like most albums. That stipulation paired with the removal of guitar and R&B from this album makes this album feel as an assertion of identity. There are 13 tracks on this album, four of them are instrumental, and one is just a series of eerie voices.

“Just Like My” is the perfect pairing between lightweight lofi beats and symphonic brass. This song knows how to capitalize off of lofi beats paired with some romantic lyrics, and does it very well. The lyrics are simple, “Guess it’s been a few days now/ Since I left the house/ Should be out about/ Quiet as a mouse”. This song is about solitude, the struggle between leaving the house or staying in- and to an extent feels like a look inside Sagar’s brain.

Track 8, “Nothing Could Be Better” begins with a slow beat series and then continues with lightweight vocals. This song is not complex, which is a double edged sword. The songs drum machine beats are repetitive and lack density, but when paired with the simple, lightweight vocals make the song cohesive. The lyrics follow suit with the simplicity and solitude of the album, “Mentioned that she’s headed out/ To meet people that we know/ Maybe I should come along/ Maybe I should stay”. This song is the perfect song to do nothing to, it is simple but vibe-y.

If there was one criticism of this album it would be the lack of density. The album is a series of lightweight beats and softened coo’s seeming as though the artist could only commit to one sound; however this simplicity seems intentional. The whole album feels as though you’re in a dream or other dimension, as the beats are experimental and lightweight. I give this album a rank of ⅗, it is a decent album but the simplicity disallows it to pique my interest. If you’re looking for a soundtrack for you midnight contemplation hour, this is it.

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