Grow by Bedroom

Album: Grow

Artist: Bedroom

Record Label: Furious Hooves

Recommended Tracks: 3- “Nothing Lasts”, 7- “Drift Away”

Grow, is an album by an Alternative group that refers to themselves as Bedroom who released this album in 2014. This album consists of 9 tracks total, which is not very long but it is definitely worth listening to. With it being within the Alternative genre, this album and group specifically have very relaxing and mellow beats. A lot of string instruments are incorporated in the songs, especially in the beginning. With this album being heavily focused on the melodies, it allows you to dissect this music from a different perspective. Instead of mainly focusing on the lyrics, you get to focus on the different rhythms and sounds within the Bedrooms music and really look at it through a different light.

In the third track “Nothing Lasts”, this is one of the few songs in this album that actually does have quite a few lyrics. As you can tell from the title “Nothing Lasts”, this song is about a breakup and how it was for the best because being together, it allowed them to evolve as individuals together. This was for the best because in the song it mentions “for now i’m happy, for you have saved me”, and this means that ultimately since “Nothing Lasts” he was able to learn from the experience he was able to share with his partner in his previous relationship.

In track seven, “Drift Away”, this is one of the songs that start off with a string instrument such as the guitar and also incorporates other instruments including the drums. This song also has more lyrics than some of the other songs but is still heavily focused on the instrumentals. It is as if the way they are singing, they are trying to make it sound more apart of the instruments rather than having lyrics. This is also an interpretation because it is kind of hard to understand what the lyrics are actually saying. This may also be where the title takes action. Maybe, “Drift Away” wants you to be in touch with the lyrics and “Drift Away” with the song

Since this album all together is very mellow and relaxing, it allows you to interpret it as you may with it being heavily influenced by instrumentals. Also, with this group being Alternative, it sends different vibes to each and every listener which may specifically be enjoyed most in a coffee shop as it has a retro and hipster stereotypical feel.

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