Girl by Maren Morris

Artist: Maren Morris

Album: Girl

Genre: Country Pop

Record Label(s): Columbia Nashville

Recommended Tracks: Track 4- A Song For Everything and Track 8- Gold Love

Maren Morris is a 28 year old Nashville born country singer songwriter. Morris is the winner of multiple country awards including a grammy for best solo performance and a Country Music Award for Best New Artist. Morris released her first album “Hero” in 2016 and just this year released her second full length album “GIRL” on March 8th, but her first fully produced work was her EP released in 2015. Morris is most known for her top-40 radio hit “The Middle” which was remixed by Zedd, but fans know her for her more songs for her country hits “My Church” and “80s Mercedes”. As a fan of country music and Morris specifically I would rate this album a 3 because I enjoy this style but a lot of it sounds the same, and I wouldn’t recommend it if you aren’t a country pop fan.  

“A Song For Everything” is a song about how for every emotion you could be feeling there is a song out there about it. Songs have so much meaning and Moris is talking about how no matter what you’re going through there’s definitely something written about exactly what you’re going through. We all have songs that hold a special place in our hearts or one’s that we can’t listen to for whatever reason, but music is so important and help get through anything. This song primarily is just vocals and acoustic guitar with a drum beat and some keyboard during the chorus. I think this song is meant to make you feel like you’re never really alone and there’s always someone who has felt this was and written a song about it.

If you are looking for a romantic song about the person who can get you through all the worst times the “Gold Love” is for you. She talks about feeling an instant connection with someone and how she immediately could tell they were different. This person looked past all of her sadness and insecurities and fell for the real her and she always knew he was different. This song has a more pop sound than most others on this album but still hold true to her country roots. The chorus includes rhythmic clapping and heavy use of drums.

Looking for a feel good country album “GIRL” may be worth checking out. Most of the songs are uplifting and likely to put you in a good mood. I’d say this is album is probably best for a road trip. If you are a fan of this style of pop country then you’d also probably enjoy Kelsea Ballerini, Miranda Lambert, or Little Big Town.  

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