Funeral by lil WAYNE


Artist: Lil Wayne 

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap 

Record label(s): Young Money Records 

Recommended Tracks: Track 8-Bling James (Ft. Jay Rock) and Track 4 – I Do It (Ft. Big Sean & Lil Bibby) 

Lil Wayne is a hip-hop artist originating from New Orleans, Louisiana. As a 37 year old rapper in 2020, Lil Wayne is no stranger to the rap game. Often being associated with other high names acts like Drake & Nicki Minaj. Real name, Dwayne Michael Carter Jr, Wayne has made a name for himself from very popular songs like “Lollipop” & “How to Love”. Wayne first gathered attention off his popular mixtapes “Tha Carter” with five editions being currently out and released throughout his career. This album is a newly surprising drop being highly ant by Lil Wayne stans and lifelong fans themselves. The last time Lil Wayne released music was almost two years ago in 2018. In a way this album brings the standard Wayne delivery of classy bars coming at you pound after pound with a style of trying to fit in to the new sound in this current age. Not much like the 2000 type of hip-hop where Wayne served in his prime rocking the charts. If I were to rate this album I would give it a 7 out of 10 because of him always producing solid music and content. However, as this album is okay and fitting it it’s not necessarily something that people will remember from Lil Wayne’s career or something you’ll see on the top charts. Being a high-name rapper comes with high expectations to live up to. 

“Bling James (Ft. Jay Rock) ” is the eight song on the album and aside from the music it is the most heartfelt. With this song being featured as the 8th track on the album, the first 24 seconds of the track was silent with both numbers applauding to the tragic death of NBA superstar, Kobe Bryant. Referencing many luxurious things with co-feature Jay Rock, Lil Wayne has this track about glam and jewelry. Talking about his lifestyle and the drugs at hand with it. While also again making references to Kobe Bryant & the Lakers by discussing his yellow & purple drugs as well as being “Laker-geeked”. 

“I Do It (Ft. Big Sean & Lil Bibby)” is the fourth track off of “Funeral”. This song is the most nostalgic and is one you can really enjoy. It brings it the 2010’s Lil Wayne had and also with feature Big Sean, the years where they were popping the most. Lil Bibby also touches up on his verse and brings out a diverse sound. It’s a good one to listen to and you shouldn’t mind adding to your daily playlist. 

Funeral was an unexpected one from Lil Wayne and soon became highly anticipated to begin the new decade. However, it didn’t really live up to expectations and numerous people across platforms like twitter were hyping it up to be. It’s still Lil Wayne at the end of the day but it isn’t the same Lil Wayne album you are accustomed to listening to. If you are a big time Lil Wayne fan I would recommend listening to the album and should begin venturing off onto other artists like artists like Lil Tjay, Roddy Ricch & Lil Baby. Overall if you like the idea of hip-hop/rap mainly from the 2010s era artists or a big time Lil Wayne fan, I would recommend you listen to “Funeral” for yourself and see what you think about it.

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