Fandom by Waterparks


Artist: Waterparks

Genre: Pop punk, pop rock, electropop

Record label(s): Hopeless 

Recommended Tracks: Track 2- Watch What Happens Next Track 8- Turbulent

Waterparks is an American rock band that consists of three members, Awesten Knight, Geoff Wigington, and Otto Wood. The band formed in 2011after the members had met while playing for different bands. Waterparks released their first studio album in 2016, followed by two more, including their most recent one, “FANDOM”. This album continues with the theme of edgy punk and a pop-like beat that follows personal experiences and that pays homage to their fans. For example, this album was written out of the break up of the lead vocalist Awsten, which seems to be common with many punks bands on. Each member plays a certain role in the band like being the vocalists or guitarists. Their young age, late 20s, is also a contributor to their edgy and fun music that attracted their fanbase. The personal connection and emotional bond that the band put into this album is also another reason that fans love them.  If I were to rate their album, I would rate it a 5 out of 5 because the music is fun to listen to and has the edge that keeps you hooked, it also explores the emotional turmoil that Awsten goes through when dealing with his breakup and what the band thinks of their fans, relating the album name “FANDOM”.

“Watch What Happens Next” is the second song on the album. This song plays into the album’s title, “FANDOM”. The song talks about what the lead vocalist, Awsten, feels when the band’s fans criticize them about how they sound and what changes they choose to do. Awsten expresses all they really want, even though it may make them seem shallow, and he also mentions all the criticisms they receive for changing their sound, and also how fans do not understand that bands are not perfect. This song feels like a message to their fans saying that even though they care about them, that they need to understand that they, the band, themselves are not perfect and can follow a path they want for themselves. The song also feels upbeat and fun to listen to, it gives you a sense of  “I’ll do what I want” attitude. 

“Turbulent” is a song that represents the other side of the album, the personal experience side. This song is an example of Awsten’s own heartbreak or anger from the heartbreak. He explains how he felt during and after his relationship, which was awful in his experience. In the song, he expresses his anger towards his ex and not caring about her and her feelings. He also expresses how he felt mentally due to the breakup and rumors around it. The song goes into depth on his view of the breakup and how he was in the relationship, it is also a more dark and beat-y song. 

Waterparks share a lot of common themes with other punk bands on the air, however, the way Awsten brings in his own experiences gives the band and the album more of a connection with the audience. The group is relatively young and in their youth, which allows them to relate with their fans and make them feel closer to them. FANDOM is an edgy and a big “F- You” to people who hurt you or do not support you, such as Awsten’s ex and Waterparks criticizing fandom. The album, overall, is edgy and gets you in a renegade type of mood, if you like this type of music, then “FANDOM” a listen.

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