Drip or Drown 2 by Gunna

Album: Drip or Drown 2

Artist: Gunna

Record Label: Young Stoner Life Records

Recommended Tracks: 4- “Cash War”, 13- “On a Mountain”

Sergio Giavanni Kitchens, better known as Gunna, an American rapper, singer and songwriter recently released in newest album “Drip or Drown 2”, on February 22, 2019 with featured artists such as Lil Baby, Young Thug, and Playboi Carti. As he has a unique voice style, it is notable that he is trying to replicate the sound of one of his mentors, Young Thug. This is because as Young Thug was one of the first artists to have established his own particular sound, next to Lil Wayne. They all try to imitate a particular style and sound of rap. In this album, it will be interesting how he adds his own flavor to his new album.

In track 4, “Cash War”, this song is basically about how Gunna flaunts all of his money which allows him to buy expensive cars and designer clothing. In the song he mentions, “Red- and- Black Bentley like a Raider, bring it to your front door like a cater”, which can interpret to how he has so much money that he is comparing buying very expensive cars to food catering which is not as nearly expensive as a Bentley. This also means that since he comparing the two, he means that buying high priced cars is as easily accessible to him as buying a food caterer.

In track 13, “On a Mountain”, he also talks about money in this song and mentions a lot of designer products but since the title is “On a Mountain”, I interpreted this as a meaning of being superior to all others. Since mountains are tall and above most objects, and since he flaunts the large amount of money he makes and spends, he is saying he is on a mountain because he has the opportunity to be above most with the product of money he is privileged to. In the song he says, “Been countin’ racks, seems like I need an accountant, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, man, I don’t need the vouchers”, which backs up the meaning of how he interprets himself as a superior being compared to others. When he says he does not need vouchers because of all of the designer products he has, it proves again that he is saying he is not a person that has trouble with making money and buying products.

Overall I would rate this album a 4 out of 5 because Gunna did a good job with interpreting the songs in this album into what his audience would want to hear. If you are a fan of Hip- Hop/Rap, I would recommend you listen to this album when hanging out with friends or if you are at a party because the lyrics and betas are very catchy.

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