dreamland by coin

March 1, 2020

Album: Dreamland 

Artist: COIN

Record Labels: Columbia Records and Startime International 

Recommended Tracks: 4- “Crash My Car”, 9- “Nobody’s Baby”

Coin are an American indie pop band formed in 2012 in Nashville, Tennessee. It currently consists of Chase Lawrence (lead vocals, synthesizers), Ryan Winnen (drums), and Joe Memmel (lead guitar, backing vocals). The band originally released two EPs in 2012 and 2013: Saturdays and 1992 respectively. They subsequently gained mainstream attention in 2015 with the lead single Run from their self-titled debut album, which was produced by Jay Joyce and released later the same year by Columbia. The group gained further success in 2016 with the lead single Talk Too Much from the band’s second studio album, How Will You Know If You Never Try, which was released on April 21, 2017. The song was their first to chart on Billboard‘s Alternative Songs chart. I will give this album a three out of five rating.

“Walk in like a wrecking ball. The way she moves make you miserable. All eyes on the golden girl. She’s gonna tell you, gonna tell you, gonna tell you. That you’re too sweet. Swan dive to the concrete floor. The pavement never felt so warm. One look and you already know. She’s gonna cut you, gonna cut you, gonna cut you. Cut you real deep.” This song is actually really really sad and deep. It is about a guy falling for a girl and she totally plays him. She leads him on thinking that she’s into him but then cuts him off at the end of the night. He says “You can crash my car tonight. Go out wasting all my time and money. I love the way you’re breaking my heart. And I can’t stand to see you leaving lonely.” This song is sad but has a nice beat to it. It’ll make you sad by the lyrics but keep you entertained by the beat. 

“Wake up, lying face up. I’m feeling like I found myself. I’m feeling like there’s something missing. I wanna shape up. Tryin’ to shake it up, yeah. Maybe I’m just bored to tears. Or maybe it’s in plain sight hidden.” This song is about changing yourself and being Nobody’s Baby. However, the song’s meaning confused me. I couldn’t really tell if the inner feeling they are trying to fight or change is within themselves or with someone else. The song goes on to talk about someone not moving closer to them. Anyways, the song has a very nice beat to it. If you love COIN, you will definitely love this song.  

The reason why I gave this album a three out of five stars is because some of the songs bored me. I would listen to them and they weren’t really catching my attention. The two songs that I wrote about and reviewed, were the only two that caught my attention. However, I did like the beat of most other songs. Even though some did bore me, they still had a great rhythm to them and were nice to listen to. 

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