Dreaming of david by ryan beatty

Album: Dreaming of David

Artist: Ryan Beatty

Genre: Pop

Record label(s): Interscope and Mad Love 

Recommended Tracks: Track 2- Dark Circles Track 7- Genisis 

Ryan (Kevin) Beatty is an American singer and songwriter who was born on September 25, 1995, in Clovis, California. Ryan started his musical career on his Youtube channel by posting covers of popular songs in 2011. His channel was gaining high views so he unleashed his first debut single “Every Little Thing” in 2011. Ryan also released his debut EP in 2012. Afterward, he went on to release two more albums including his most recent “Dreaming of David”, released on January 31, 2020. This recent album kind of deviates from his usual work. His last album, “Boy in Jeans”,  has a more upbeat and fun feel to it as well as using more autotune and electronic production in it. “Dreaming of David” never feels monotone because his vocals change at any moment from lows to highs that creates a multi-dimensional song. Although this album still uses autotune and electronic production, it is supposed to feel human because of the way it is made, like thoughts left to hang and never fade. I would rate this album a 5 out of 5 stars due to how the music feels human even with all the electronic uses, this makes the album feel unique. 

“Genisis” is the second track on the album. The song title is associated with the dark hue under someone’s eyes from a lack of sleep due to stress of fatigue. This theme is recurring in this song and it feels that way. The music feels so melancholic with beats that resemble raindrops. The instrumentals feel so fast paste and a bit stressful with some beats repeating quickly, resembling the stress in the song. In the song, the singer is up all night thinking of n ex-lover, causing him to have dark circles. The vocals also give off the feeling of being tired and stressed. Ryan sings in a relatively low tone which feels like he is tired, his high notes also add more emotion to the song. The autotune gives the low voice a bit more of depth. 

The track “Genisis” is the 7th track on the album. This track has such a calming and soothing feel to it, it makes you feel as if you were laying on a cloud, and Ryan’s vocals are amazing in this track and help a lot with the soothing feel of the song. The instrumentals all have an effect that makes them echo. The layered vocals of Ryan really make a harmony in the song and show his wide vocal range, which is very impressive. The autotune on his high notes really make this song feel electronic but also really soothing when Ryan harmonizes with his other vocals. This song seems to deal with being fated for someone when they are in a time of need, the usage of biblical terms really ties in the theme of fate and faith in this song.

“Dreaming of David” explores gay love and feels more ambitious. Although this album is a bit too slow and maybe needs more predictability, but this album shows that Ryan has outdone himself again. The use of electronic production and autotune is still used in Ryan’s music but this album also has a slower and soothing feel to it and combined with the theme of it, makes the album feel human, despite the use of electronic production and autotune. If you enjoy pop music with a bit of an alternative feel, I recommend listening to Tyler, the Creator. Overall, if you love music that deals with love and the struggles of gay love, then I highly and strongly recommend taking a listen to “Dreaming of David” by Ryan Beatty.

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