Don’t Try This by Chase Atlantic

Album: Don’t Try This

Artist: Chase Atlantic

Record Label: BMG Management (US) LLC

Recommended Tracks: Track 1: “What U Call That”, Track 3: “Like A Rockstar”

Alt-pop trio band, Chase Atlantic released their new EP, DON’T TRY THIS in early 2019 kicking off the new year with another album. The band comprised of three aussie born singers compiled multiple genres; alt-pop, rock, R&B, and hip-hop into one cohesive album. This 6 track album displays the bands dark but melodic sound, which proves to continue to be the key sound of the band.

Chase Atlantic immediately kicks off the album with an absolute banger, “What U Call That”. This song is the usual terrain of the album featuring strong vocals with the sound track being gentle and introspective. The song has some pretty impressive transitions through multiple key changes and bass drops.The main chorus is all too catchy, “Seven-headed snake, what you call that? / Bleeding like an open scar” the seven headed snake being a reference to the devil which is a common theme during the album that leads to the dark, introspective sound the band does all too well.

Directly contrasting with track ones melodic, mellow vibe is Track 4, “Like A Rockstar”. This song combines their strong vocals with a new, upbeat electronic beats. The song is so interesting because it blatantly contradicts itself by saying “Don’t do this /And if you don’t get high, don’t pretend to / It’s kinda sad dude” which most obviously is stating don’t do drugs but then following lyrics state, “Take drugs, stay high/ Tell ’em I got high like a rockstar” which is stating how he takes drugs. This may be alluding to the recent deaths and opioid crisis that is hitting the rap and pop scene rather hard (Mac Miller, Lil Peep, etc.) and how to be considered a ‘rockstar’, drugs are just part of the equation. Despite these somewhat confusing lyrics, the song is catchy and upbeat, making it a stand out track of the album.

This album is too good, and honestly I am most definitely obsessed with this band. Their ability to mix genres gives them the sound of a hybrid mix of Blackbear, The Neighbourhood and The Weeknd. The vocals are insane and when paired with the diverse musicianship they definitely produced another solid, atmospheric alt-pop album. This album is made to be blasted through your car speakers with the windows down.

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