Don’t Feed the Pop Monster by Broods

Album: Don’t Feed the Pop Monster

Artist: Broods

Record Label: Polydor Records, Neon Gold Records

Recommended Tracks: 3- “Life After”, 12- “Life After”

The brother and sister duo, Georgia Josiena Nott and Caleb Allan Joseph Nott, from Nelson, New Zealand recently released their third album, “Don’t Feed the Pop Monster” on February 1, 2019 with a total of 12 tracks. With the genres of music they specialize in being Indie pop, electronica, electropop, and trip pop, it will be interesting to see what other elements they incorporate into their album. Personally, there is more of an Alternative and Indie pop feel mixed into this most recent album.

In the third track, “Peach”, what caught my attention was the chorus that they decided to incorporate into this song, along with the beat which is a major factor when it comes to enjoying the song as a whole. The chorus proceeds to say, “I’m high and im low, no control, but everything’s looking peach now” which ultimately can interpret to although an individual mentally and emotionally has no control over the feelings that they are experiencing, it does not matter because they are living in the moment and feeling “peach”, which can translate into ultimately just feeling happy. The song also says that “I don’t need it all when it feels like old” which may also mean that however there are things that may be presenting itself currently from the past, this specific individual does not need that encounter because it is old news and she doesn’t care about it.

Track 12, “Life After”, has the most unique beat in this album by far and intrigued me the most. With this song kind of sounding like a lullaby, it makes sense as to why the title of the song is “Life After”. It is as if it is a lullaby that is about people or one specific person, being permanently asleep. As the song starts off, it is describing the most peaceful setting which is where the sun always sits low, tide always high, the stars with the moon, and down the road is all the people that you have ever loved. With the title being named “Life After”, you can only infer that is about an “after life”, perhaps heaven? As the song says “I’ve been waiting for you, since the day you were born, thousands of years ago, hope it makes you feel at home”, this can interpret to someone entering the afterlife, which explains why there is such a peaceful setting.

Ultimately, this album as a whole was very enjoyable. I admired all of the different beats they incorporated within each of their songs to make each one have their own personality. With this album being labeled under the Alternative genre, if you enjoy listening to Alternative music or just enjoy Broods as a whole, I believe you will enjoy this album as much as I did. This album would also be good to jam out to on a road trip with your friends.

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