color theory by soccer mommy

Album: Color Theory 

Artist: Soccer mommy 

Genre: Alternative/ Indie 

Record labels: Fat Possum Records, Loma Vista Recordings 

Recommend Tracks: Track 4: Night Swimming 

Sophie Allison is a singer from Nashville, Tennessee and goes by the stage name Soccer Mommy. Color Theory is Soccer mommy’s way of singing about a color without naming it. She used different instruments and vocals to portray different colors. You can tell the color shifts after the sound changes. Songs that sound alike are the same color. I rate this album a 4⁄5 because of its creativity but I don’t like how it sounds like one color. I feel as though there isn’t much variation between emotions so it all feels blue. 

Track 4 “Night Swimming” is my favorite on the album because it reminds me of Lana Del Ray’s song “Radio”. The background music is calming. The lyrics “ I’m dancing with the current in my clothes” makes you feel blue. You can sense the ocean.

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