church by galantis

February 14, 2020

Album: Church 

Artist: Galantis  

Record Labels:  Big Beat Records and Atlantic Records 

Recommended Tracks: 4- “Never Felt A Love Like This (with Hook N Sling) [ft. Dotan]”, 13- “We Can Get High (With Yellow Claw)”

Galantis is a Swedish electronic dance music production, songwriting and DJ duo consisting of Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw. They have been active since 2012. Their type of genre are electro house and big room house. Karlsson is also known as Bloodshy as part of two other musical groups, a duo (Bloodshy & Avant) and a trio (Miike Snow). Eklöw is known as Style of Eye. They have won multiple awards and have been nominated for others. They also have played at other concerts like coachella. Galantis is even on tour now. I am going to give this album a four out of five stars. I will explain at the end why. 

Never Felt A Love Like This (with Hook N Sling) [ft. Dotan] is a very cute song. It is about someone not believing in love and not wanting it. They don’t like love until they find the one who is the light, which brings back the love that they have been missing. It is even a different type of love. In this song, they have lyrics and they do sing throughout the song. This song is also one of the very few songs in the Galantis’ s albume where the band sings in it. There is also a touch of EDM and electro music in it. This song is perfect for those who love electro music as well as singing in a song.  

We Can Get High (With Yellow Claw) is a song that you would definitely hear at a rave. It has very little singing and mostly EDM music. The song is about you trusting your partner and because you trust your partner, you both get virtually high in the clouds. I think this song is perfect for rave lovers and EDM/electro music lovers. I am not a huge fan of electro music but I do like this song. It is quite catchy. 

The reason why I gave this album a four out of five rating is because it is electro music and I am not the biggest fan of it. However, most of the songs on this album were pretty good. Another thing that I thought was pretty unique about the album was that not all of the songs on it were sung by Galantis. They were the DJs but not the key singers. I thought that was pretty unique.

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