birds of prey soundtrack by various artists

Album: Birds of Prey: The Album 

Artist: Various Artists 

Genre: Movie Soundtrack 

Record label(s): Atlantic Recording Corporation & Warner Bros. Entertainment 

Recommended Tracks: Track 3 – Diamonds(Megan Thee Stallion & Normani) & Track 14 – I’m 

Gonna Love You Just A Little More(Summer Walker) 

Birds of Prey is a new movie that recently released and plays along DC character, Harley Quinn as she tries to find her own persona after her breakup with The Joker. Knowing this you will be able to get a feel of what kind of attitude to expect off of the album. Amongst the artists taking place on the album, all intentionally enough happen to be females, with really big names in music. Megan Thee Stallion went splendid with her track, “Diamonds”. Summer Walker carried her role on, “I’m Gonna Love You a Little More”. If I were to rate this album I would give it a 8 out of 10 because of just the way everything was delivered and how well it played a role in the film as well. The songs are great to listen to and you can play it during your daily car ride. As it is a soundtrack the album was able to create an identity of its own like Harley Quinn was able to as she is placed onto the album cover. 

“Diamonds” by Megan Thee Stallion & Normani is the third track off the album and is the most popular. Most people are playing it around giving it a listen before even realizing it was from the album itself. Megan Thee Stallion sets the tone and brings on her unique hip-hop vibes as she is currently one of the most popular artists on top right now. With her appearance on the track it almost instantly becomes a hit. Normani appears on the track as well and brings in her vocals to offset the high pace of the song. Adding that little hint of a touchy side to the song. This would be great to listen to while you are doing something productive. 

“I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little More” by Summer Walker is the fourteenth track on the album. It’s a really good vibing and something you can play in the car on your drive. Something that is quite expected as it by Summer Walker and she holds those soft vibes that fans love her for. With this song being towards the end of the album it matches up with the movie and concludes the whole idea of a women(Harley Quinn) finding herself as her own person. I would recommend listening to it and it will most likely become one you occasionally listen to. 

“Birds of Prey: The Album” was meant as a soundtrack counterpart to the movie. It seemed to be more than that as the headliner names on the album lived up to expectations and delivered on the many songs across the soundtrack. The album is currently ranked as #32 on Apple Music streaming service which is relatively high. If you saw the movie and enjoyed it then I would recommend listening to the album and experiencing the thrill again or if you’re just very into the whole idea of “girl power” on an entire album then this is the one for you. However, as that is the case for many I would recommend listening to the same artists on the album like Summer Walker, Doja Cat, Meg the Stallion, Halsey, & Saweetie. But are you interested in other artists like them, then there’s room for you to explore and listen to SZA & Jhene Aiko. Overall, if you entertain the whole all female lineup of music I would suggest you give, “Birds of Prey: The Album” a listen and it certainly wouldn’t disappoint you.

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