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Betty by Betty Who

Album: Betty

Artist: Betty Who

Record Label: RCA Records, Kobalt Music Group

Recommended Tracks: 1 – “Old Me”, 13 – “Stop Thinking About You”

Australian singer Betty Who released her thirteen-track third studio album, Betty, on Feb. 15, 2019. Since the title of the album is the artists’ own name, I believe that the songs are going to be about her. Throughout the album, there are elements of upbeat pop songs, but ultimately, every song reflects on each individual story she has to share. As a whole, I would rate Betty a three out of five. While pop music is not my cup of tea, I still enjoyed listening to this album.

The first track, “Old Me,” is a story depicting a past relationship. Who says in this song: “I went to bed last night with a broken heart, now something’s different. I’m feeling like the old me. No, you cannot control me” which may mean that, although she might be feeling heartbroken, maybe it was for the best; she is no longer being controlled and feels a sense of freedom. When Who sings, “I’m feeling like the old me,” she means that she is feeling how she felt before she was in a relationship with this previous significant other, which shows growth and the lessons of strength that she has learned along the way.

Track 13, “Stop Thinking About You,” is also about a past relationship. Who sings, “What do I do? I’m still waiting for you to come crawling to bed like you used to. That’s when I’ll stop thinking about you.” She means that she cannot stop thinking about this person and will not stop until the moment they are physically together again. Who also sings, “You’re everywhere. You’re in my blood, in every stranger, every song I love. You’re in my dreams. You’re all I see,” which can mean that, in whatever she does, she sees a piece of her partner.Overall, Betty was quite enjoyable. To hear someone else’s perspective through their own story is intriguing, which is the best aspect of this album. I would recommend Betty to anyone that just wants to jam out with their friends, as this album gives you positive vibes.

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