All Mirrors by Angel Olsen

Artist: Angel Olsen

Album: All Mirrors

Genre: Indie 

Release date: 10/4/2019

Record Label: Jagjaguwar

Recommend Songs: All Mirrors and New Love Cassette

Angel Olsen’s new album is a beautiful listen. The utilization of synth and string instruments makes this an album that’s dreamy to listen to. In this album I hear influences from early Madonna, Lana Del Rey, and Marina (and the diamonds). The thing I love the most about this album is the feeling it gives- it makes me feel like I’m walking into and through Wonderland. 

Angel Olsen herself has a wonderful singing voice- high pitched but with range, kinda reminds me of Billie Eilish. The lyrics in this album are simple but meaningful, true poetry that is simply accompanied by music. When I listen to this album, it feels dreamy; as if I’m walking into another dimension. My favorite song on the album is probably the one that titles the album. The lyrics are poetic and the musical accompaniment reminds me of something that would come from the movie Labyrinth. 

The entire album is wonderful, and I highly recommend. I’m honestly surprised I haven’t heard of her before, as this is such beautiful music more people should be talking about.

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