All Inclusive Romantic Getaway by Spendtime Palace

Artist: Spendtime Palace

Album: All Inclusive Romantic Getaway

Record Label: Spendtime Records

Recommended Tracks: Track 1, “Romantic Getaway”, Track 2, “Blackout Control”

The indie-rock band Spendtime Palace from Costa Mesa, California released their second album on January 25, 2019. They’re known for their relaxed sound that’s reminiscent of California surf rock with their gritty guitars and smooth vocals. All Inclusive Romantic Getaway strikes a chord with 70’s inspired rock all while making it sound their own. The album has its strongest moments early on in the eleven track collection of songs with “Romantic Getaway” and “Blackout Control.” There’s a nostalgic flavor that’s intertwined in these songs with hints of heartbreak and bittersweet moments.

The album opens with a four minute song, “Romantic Getaway.” They quickly impress with their warm and welcoming sound that sets the tone for the theme of the album. The dreamy guitars give the illusion of being on a real getaway. The smoothness of the instruments and vocals are easy to listen to and drive the idea of a serene experience. They experimented with the song by placing a twenty two second introduction of only the voice of a flight attendant speaking in the distance, reminding passengers to secure their seatbelts. This is a clever way of starting the album, especially considering the name of the song and the fact that listening to the entirety of the album is like a journey in itself.  The instrumentation fades in which is the most captivating part of the song. Although the chords are repetitive, the guitars sound melodious and dreamlike, perfectly capturing the concept of someone traveling on an airplane and admiring the view from a window seat.

However, Spendtime Palace quickly shifts in tone with the second song “Blackout Control.” The song tackles the struggle of a long-distance relationship due to two people prioritizing different things in their lives. This track is fast-paced and the lead vocals show how versatile lead singer Dan Fowlie’s voice is. During the chorus, you can hear the bittersweet sentiments in his voice as he tells the story from a real life experience. The bass guitar underneath his voice and lead strings should also be recognized for its low basslines that balance the upbeat tones the sound evokes in spite of the lyrics.

All Inclusive Romantic Getaway is a solid sophomore album for Spendtime Palace. They prove that their sound is becoming more polished and they have a long road of success in their future.


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